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Thief Stronghold?

Grim Squeaker

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Yes, I know there is an Improved?/Expanded? Thief Stronghold mod and I haven't tried it. What's the general opinion? Basically, the Thief Stronghold as is, sucks. A lot. So perhaps S&S should improve it.


Possible improvements:


- More tasks (involving beating people with blackjacks, fraud etc)

- The ability to tell one of your lackies to deliver the money to Renal each month (because damn, that one's annoying).

- Maybe training up some new thieves like your apprentices in the Planar Sphere Stronghold.

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More and more serious problems could arise. A judge's house was burgled recently so he's not going to take a bribe to release your guild underlings, which would be very bad for morale. So the PC's got a choice; appease the judge or remove him. Removing (assassinating) the judge wouldn't be too difficult but would cause severe problems with Renal and the other ST bosses. Seems the unauthorized murder has all the nobles and officials mad at the ST's so everyone's business is suffering! Appeasing the judge (by getting his stuff back) would seem more difficult. You'd either have to pay a lot of money or, pretending to be a Sherlock Holmes-type Great Detective, dump a fellow guildmaster to retrieve it.

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How about slave trade or assassination of politicians as special fields of operation for those evil bastards bored by extortion and burglary?


Slave trade brings a hefty premium, but draws the attention of some paladins or the Harpers, while the other might force you to go to Sicily to lay low for a while.

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I am fairly certain that I never had that opportunity or at least not in a convincing way. My evil PCs would have jumped at the occasion. Playing CE I also freed Hendak and killed the other slavers. Not because I wanted to free them or abolish slavery, but why not use a good pretext to whack some competition? I think you could establish yourself as a new strong man in the city when it comes to slave trade after that. The demand should still be there.


I guess you can tell your thieves to transport riskier stuff, but apart fom paying to get them out of jail there is nothing else to it IIRC.

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Who made the mod, and are they still around?


I personally play Tutu mostly (hence the lack of current stronghold/HLA development) but I'd not have a problem with one of us incorporating/expanding the Expanded Thief Stronghold mod if the creator was ok with it. :)

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