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13 hours ago, jastey said:

Funnily enough, my Windows Defender is detecting a virus in the attached package above, I already contacted @Austin. Not saying that I think there is one inside, but apparently something that ticks off WD for some reason.

I repackaged the files and PM them in a different format) Also I uploaded them in the first post again!

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@Graion Dilach But that's the whole point, can't you see it? Do you know how many times tp2 version wasn't updated during new release and the 'I'm installing version x but the wierdu.log gives me version y' ping-pong happen?

IAP allows you to spot it after release, "Mod Release" commandline tool will prevents releasing faulty version in the first place (agree that setting it up is painful).

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@AL|EN I find the opposite of your workflow more logical and elegant. In your workflow, you derive the git tag from the tp2 version string and your proposal necessitates one to have a local automation to prepare for the packaging automation. What I'm proposing is to derive the version string from the git tag instead. This is less invasive to a personal workflow (because it does not need any local preparation step or a separate tool) at the cost of a more complicated packaging automation and at the possibility of introducing a difference between the source (having a placeholder version string) and the packaged version (which, considering how much you favor anti-tampering mechanisms, might be even a bonus to you). You can look at OpenRA to see how that works in practice (and it works well there because this mindset was deployed in 2015, got copied into the official ModSDK at it's start in 2017 and over the years I never heard anyone ending up with a wrongly tagged release when proper tagging is relevant there because differently tagged builds are not multiplayer-compatible).

Also, you're using your lecturing tone again. I don't like that.

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