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Release Candidate 1 for IWDification Now Available

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The current Master branch has two compatibility issues with SoD:

  1. SoD lacks AP_SPCL924/925/926/927 in CLABDR01/04, which means the condition to set druid_abils = 1 in druid_poly.tpa never triggers on SoD
  2. SoD does not contain SPCL924.SPL at all, so a copy of this spell should be shipped with the mod to account for such a case
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On 9/20/2021 at 10:22 AM, Luke said:

OK, but what's causing that issue...?

@CamDawg, @Galactygon

@argent77 identified the issue as "glitched weapon overlay animations".

The BGEE version seems to use incorrect center positions (the general orientation and position of the weapon overlay roughly matches the stance of the creature animation).

Moreover, it looks like some BG2EE files might also be problematic (at least in theory), as they contain a great amount of still frames in addition to the regular animation frames in their respective animation cycles (e.g. "MLIZCSD.BAM"). It's not immediately noticeable though, since the engine should cut off display of these redundant frames.

So as far as IWDification is concerned, you might want to overwrite the weapon overlay animations of all E000-type animations with the IWDEE ones (which appear to be fine...)

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