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Not A Fix But Cool...


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Here's the idea:


- Update trueclass descriptions to say something about the classes, including HLAs. Currently IIRC only the Monk has a detailed description, and maybe the Barbarian. The Paladin, for example, gets a host of innates but the game doesn't tell you what exactly.


- Update vanilla kit descriptions to mention HLA allowances, too.


- Extend vanilla kit fluff cause BioWare only put in 3 or 4 lines for a lot of them. This could be done with the 2E books, which I don't have all of - do you, NiGHTMARE?


This arose, by the way, out of a chat with Sim and I discussing the merits of mentioning new HLAs in kit descriptions for Song and Silence and possibly Cleric Remix. It's not a fix, but is clearer, and would work best in a fixpack or something. Though, not the core component, but the Not A Fix But Cool one. Else if you install stuff like SnS then the extended descriptions and HLA notes will look out of place. :)

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I really dislike the idea of adding HLA information to kit descriptions.

  • The kit descriptions are untidy enough with throwing HLAs into the mix.
  • I think it'll start to provoke laziness in waying up the advantages and disadvatages of a kit if the maker can fall back on HLAs to balance the kit.
  • They're only on ToB.
  • I'm not a fan of HLAs anyway.

I am a big supporter of expanding BioWare's 3 line kit descriptions though. I also have all the handbooks if you need help there.

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I don't think anyone has proposed adding HLAs to the kit descriptions for an SoA game. That being said, I don't like including them in the kit description (mainly for the same reasons that Alec mentions), though expanding the trueclass descriptions is A Good Thing.

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I think including HLAs in kit descriptions is an important feature to consider. While it's not terribly important for the vanilla game, as soon as we start adding mods like Cleric Remix into the fray, it gets way confusing. When I start out, I don't plan my character around HLAs, obviously, but I at least want to know if I'm going to be getting the normal ones or what. Yeh, we could modify the descriptions in Cleric Remix, but why do we want that to alter all the original class texts as well (necessary for consistency) when we've got a perfectly good opportunity to put it in the text update optionally?

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I think this is a case where the power of SUBCOMPONENT comes into its own. Separate SoA and ToB only descriptions are going to have to be written anyway since some kits' standard abilities are extended for ToB. Simply adding a second ToB version including HLAs isn't difficult. Then Cleric Remix, Song and Silence, NPC Kit Pack and (the gods help me) Refinements can check to see which is installed and adjust accordingly.

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