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Here comes trouble!


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Sim, we have had this conversation before - my position is the same: people invested their time and inspiration into this project. The least I could do is to show them respect by honoring their wishes in regards to their copywrites. If you feel that going directly to the writer is too much efforts, than it will stay unchanged.

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Why not do a mass find/replace to change "* " and " *" to "*"? I don't imagine there are any places where you'd actually want spaces with asterisks.

Um, what about before and after the asterisks? If you just did such a mass find/replace, then this:


"Why hello there my friend! *Ponders for a moment* What a fine day it is!"


Would become this:


"Why hello there my friend!*Ponders for a moment*What a fine day it is!"

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I'm not saying it's all useless. I'm saying that I don't want to spend the effort seeking out authors and arguing over writing style.


(My experience of most modders is that they basically never listen to writing criticism, no matter how well justified-- if I had a penny for every time I've been told "if you don't like it, don't play it". There are exceptions, and I note them well. The bastion of "More please!" is not somewhere I'm anticipating finding said exceptions, especially after reading 20 pages of attacks on people supportive of criticism in Hell's Kitchen.)

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@Black Elk - there is no such thing as 'complete texts' untill the project is done. This one single thing which makes proofreading so difficult. I cannot simply give you a coded file and then replace it over in my D - because by that time I might have changed codes. A number of people, last of the Thomas did proofing on files and then I replaced on line-per-line basis. So we have two options: we wait till the final is done and you do the full proofread. Or you submit the line per line corrections to D-files found in the D or Dialogues folders in the BG1NPC folder in your install and I add them as I go. You can also be proactive and help me with proofreading the new materials that need to be proofread.


Please by all means send me anything you have, I'd be happy to proof it for you




It might be easier to wait until the final draft is ready to rock (I'm not really familiar with modding in the infinity engine.) But whatever is best for you guys... just wanted to lend a hand :)

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I already deleted the BEGIN'ings, so it should fix that :) Also transfered all Dream Scripts to J-files and redid the WEIGHT'ing. I am about to do another test run to see if that worked :)

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Slightly off-topic Domi, but do you plan on adding "warning" dialogues for Yeslick and Xan? What I mean by that is could it be done to send Yeslick and Xan to a safer place if you don't have enough room left for them to join your party?


And perhaps dismissed party members (in various underground places/dungeons) travel to a safer area?


Note that as of now, I haven't installed BG1NPC yet (due to half-modded BG2 installs), and I am not aware of whether or not it's included in this mod.



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