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BG2 Fixpack Testers Needed

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Thank you very much, CamDawg! Your update is really much appreciated! We all happily and patiently wait for your great projects to be completed. It's just so good to have sometimes few words spent about how it's progressing...Thanks again! :p

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can you please possibly guess what size BG2 Fixpack will more or less come with ?


Also, are you still working for compatibility with BGT-BP now that BGT-WeiDU is out and will soon replace BGT-BP completely (BP will also have a WeiDU format soon...) ?


Thanks for your answer and good luck with the development of this important Mod!

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Our last alpha clocks in just under 2 MB in a self-extracting rar file. Most of that is the tra file for the game text update (2 MB) and the tp2 itself (~900kb).


We're building the Fixpack with the intention that it will remain in its current place in an install order (i.e. install game, install official patch, install Fixpack, install WeiDU mods, etc.). We'll be more than happy to work with folks to account for changes we make, but (in practical terms) mods that use patching should be OK without having to change anything. AFAICT there have not been any changes that should cause compatibility problems.

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Thanks for your replies, Cam and Andyr! :D


I must confess I'd have thought a much bigger size, counting the huge amount of fixes you're going to introduce (including all Baldurdash's) and the Game Text Update...


Nice packaging then! :O


I am longing to see BG2 Fixpack in action as I am sure it'll rock!


Keep it up!


(and Merry Christmas/Happy New Year)



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It's nice of you folks to spend the time on a game we've all loved for years. I don't know if anyone bothers to say it, but I'm sure your work is appreciated by many.


I've run into a snag, however....


I decided to reinstall BG1 (with TotSC) and BG2 (with ToB), and I tried to install Tutu. Did the Baldurdash preliminaries for both BG1 and BG2, installed Tutu, and then tried to install TutuFix (version 15). Tutufix crashed while trying to install the core fixes.


ERROR: Failure("resource [_Narrat.cre] not found for 'COPY'")


Bummer... (


Any comments/suggestions?




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This is a separate project from the Tutu Fixpack. The BG2 Fixpack is not yet available.



In other words, I posted on the wrong forum. My bad.... I got Tutufix confused with the Fixpack. There are so many mods/fixes for BG and BG2 that they've sort of blurred in my mind. I can't wait until you guys combine all the fixes into one file. It'll make things soooooo much simpler. P




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Progrsss continues apace. I recently completed a large new section in the Fixpack, focusing on wonky creature inventories--this the purpose for which I had written my BG2 Creature Inventory Checker tool. I'm hoping to push out alpha 7 to the testers very soon.


For tracking progress, keeping an eye on the recent changes in the dev wiki is probably the best option atm.

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