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IESDP Corrections/updates


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DLG 1.0 > Header


It is not mentioned that, for BG2 at least, offset 0x0030 contains the pause-control bits. They are nonexistant in BG1. Though WeiDU will, without being asked, create this flag when it compiles a dialog, the state index points past it to the start of the state table (0x0034), so BG1 doesn't even know it's there. Otherwise the game would likely crash, as the first state's strref normally sits at that offset in BG1.


DLG 1.0 > Transition Table > Flags 0x0000:


Bit 4, when set to 1, notifies the user that the journal is being updated.

Bit 7, when set to 1, causes the specified text to be added to the Journal section of the player journal.



The Exclusion Flags shown for SPL 1.0 don't match my findings in the Spell 1.0 Update thread. (I reformatted that post to make it easier to read/understand.)



CRE 1.0 (and likely 1.2 and 9.0)> Memorized Spells Table


I can confirm that the flag at 0x0004 uses the values shown:

0 = spell has been cast (player must rest to restore this spell's usage)

1 = spell is memorized and ready to be used.


When the value is 0, and a spell resref exists, the spell is shown greyed-out in the spellbook/priest scroll.



That's it for now.

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It cannot be true, since there is a field after this. It is a simple 4 bytes unknown. or 2x2 bytes
The 4 bytes at 0x88 are unknown/unused. The 4 bytes at 0x8c are unknow/unused. The 4 bytes at 0x90 set the outro sequence, and there's possibly room for an 8-byte reference at 0x94.
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BG1 (&TSC), Effect Opcodes, #12: Damage


You list a bunch of values for the damage type in decimal. These are bitwise flags.


Additionally, all of the values that have bits 0 and 1 enabled, and that are labeled "(save for half)", don't work. I tried this out by setting Burning Hands to do full damage in one FB (feature block), with allowance for a saving throw, and this flag set. My target, Phlydia, either saved for no damage or took full damage in the range specified for the spell. I suppose if Bioware had implemented such a nice flag in the game, they wouldn't have gone to the trouble of splitting all their damages between two FBs for those spells that allow saves.


I haven't tested the other two possible settings for bits 0 and 1, though BG1 never uses bit 1 (or bits 0 and 1 together), so I suspect it doesn't care about the lower 16 bits of the second parameter (Damage Type).

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Save for half works only in pst


...and IWD2.


By the way, I have noticed the following things these past few days in BG2:


1.) The flag in the 'Spell usability flags' marked 'Triggers ?' seems to be marked in the Bard Song effect change spells, not to mention that all the effects in the extension header of the bard song effect change spells have a durationtype of 'trigger'.


2.) In the CreatureEditor, there is a value of 0x00000002 in the 'class flags' section for both devas and planetars as well as will 'o wisps (IWD2). Since I assume the class flags didn't change between the IE games much, it could very well indicate it has to do with the creature glowing and blending into the background.


3.) Speaking of class flags, the value of 0x00000001 means the creature may not be interrupted through damage when spellcasting, but may be by other means (silence, miscast magic, invisibility, etc.). I might have mentioned this earlier, but it doesn't hurt to mention it again.



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