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From the 'Some Edited Bg2 Portraits , just for fun'-thread; words exchanged between Icelus and JPS:


These are fantastic, JPS! Didn't you make an edit of Haer'Dalis at one time, too? I think it's the one Barren uses for an avatar at various fora.


These would make a great mod, and an easy one at that. Grim did one using some of sporeboy's edits, and they came out well, too.


Yes, I made that one as well. I would have put it up with the others, but it's possible that it will be used in the mod.


Used as an alternative portrait for Haer? I quite like his original, but I would be interested to hear the story behind the edited that I think I've seen at the FWS. Why you felt like changing it?



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Well, I changed it in the first place because I had too much time on my hands (these days I seem to end up with too many hands on my time instead. Or something :D ), but then it seemed to fit in with some quest ideas that we were playing around with. If the portrait turns up, it will be in Throne of Bhaal, and maybe not in the way you expected...


Yes, I'm being deliberatly vague here. :D


EDIT: And if anyone who reads this hasn't seen Barren Fischa's avatar at the FWS forums and doesn't particularly feel like going hunting for it, this is what the portrait looks like:




(and this picture had better work, since it's hosted here...)

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Scars are great. Show character. I like. ;)


Well I was playing around a bit with Paint Shop Pro today and I came up with this... it's nothing great, and a bit too cluttered to my liking. But I was trying to imagine Haer'Dalis in either

a) His acting costume


b) His Doomguard regalia

So then this kinda came out... it's a bit of a cross between those. That pendant is the doomguard signet, but the eye-liner is all the actor's repertoire. :D


edit: Oookay. It's not working. Hmm. Well it's uploaded here, and I'll see if I can find somewhere the image will show up...

edit2: Heheh... it should work now. ;) --icelus


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Interesting, I like the Doomguard pendant - that's what it is, isn't it - and the traces of red in his clothing / accessories, but the feathers in his hair seem a bit off, perhaps. ;)

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Nice work, especially the Doomguard symbol. The clothes look a bit too fancy for simple adventuring, but for a special occation, like getting your picture taken, it would be all right, I suppose. ;)

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Well, we could do it like this:


(note to casual visitors who haven't read this thread from the beginning: no, we're not planning to replace Haer'Dalis' portrait. Don't worry)






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