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Congratulations on releasing this mod!!!

It shames me to admit that I had not managed to fully complete the beta version of the game due to RL stuff but I enjoyed Navarra's character as a strong and interesting woman while seeing how her bond with my male PC develops.

The other forum where the discussion did go for this mod also vanished and it took me quite a while for Solaufein to confirm my register there in the first place. :(

Looking forward to start a new playthrough and this time see Navarra's romance and character arc to the end^^

A question: Is the ToB part also completed and if not then might the saves from this version work when imported to the version that includes ToB content?

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Thank you for the kind words! Yes, it seems to be gone, and I don't know why. I know it wasn't very active lately.  I had hoped that Solaufein had simply forgot but I'm not so sure now. TOB isn't complete, you can summon her but that's about it. I am trying to finish it, it's just slow due to RL things. I honestly don't know if the saves will import, I haven't played BG2 in a very long time. I did get my laptop out of storage (moved 3000 miles and a lot of my stuff is in storage) and I'm doing my best to get it done.

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