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Arcane spell conflict with CtB

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CtB uses static spell IDS entries and spell indices, without checking the IDS values at all. The indexes are shared with SoS atleast, but SoS only adds a Beltyn's Burning Blood from that (without the WIZARD_ prefix in the IDS even). I've already taken a glimpse but even recoding SoS with it's sole spell takes me a while (especially considering that I have zero idea how many other classic mods work expect the static way).

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Static IDS shouldn't bother IWDification if it's installed second. The issue is a bit more systematic: IWDification refrains from installing its versions of the spells if some other mods' versions are present already, but its postproduction code patches willy-nilly. If it tries to patch someone else's version of the spell, hijinks may ensue.

Let me have a look to see what might be done systematically.

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