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new obfuscated mod full of tin cans

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It certainly is huge even for a quest mod, 289 new areas!

What prefix are they using? I'd guess PF but many of the files don't seem to be appended so. Hmm, looking at those files:



The Giant's Club

This is a quite deadly weapon, which is adored by both the giants themselves and their numerous "kin". Due to the giants are not the most skilled craftsmen, they are not concerned about the quality of weapons manufacturing. They simply break off a piece of a massive branch, or even a tree trunk, and hammer sharp stones, spikes or fragments of blades into the pommel. Such a simplified approach does not affect the effectiveness of weapons in any way.


20% chance to stun the target for 11 seconds on hit
5% chance to kill a target with a single hit
10% chance to deal 1d6 points of additional crushing damage

THACO: +3 bonus
Damage: 1d6 +3
Damage type: crushing
Weight: 8
Speed Factor: 5
Proficiency type: Club
Type: 1-handed
Requires: Strength 7

Not usable by:


Well, a mundane morningstar is weight 12, requires 11 strength, a regular mace weight 10, requires 10 strength, a typical flail weight 15, requires 13 strength, a non magic war hammer weight 6, requires 9 strength.

A club for giants has a lower strength requirement than all basic blunt weapons except the plain club. I'd think it should require 20 strength (so that no starting PC can use it unaided by magic) and weigh a lot more, somewhere between 8 and 27 times normal.

Then again, this weapons abilities aren't really giant related either, for instance the base damage is same as an average club, and the 10% chance of extra 1d6 damage is kind of trivial besides the 20% chance to stun, 5% chance to kill outright.

It'd take me a long time to look through the mod and its content... is it ready to play in the current version?

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290 new areas sounds like they made use of some ai help, ngl. I suspect his this will become more common at all levels of gaming, from mods, to indies to even so called 'real' games.


Maybe it's not so in this particular case, but it's kind of inevitable.

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> sounds like they made use of some ai help

Probably not.

I *think* that's actually a quite old mod that was on  ̶s̶p̶e̶l̶l̶h̶o̶l̶d̶ , nope arcanecoast, and never got adapted for EE.

On the GD github repo you link, which is forked from the 11jo initial import (GraionDilach or 11jo would have more things to say about it) there is a PREFIX branch that may (or may not) be to fix missing prefix :p

The content seems give the impression the prefix is more "XG"

XG 	prozh 	11. 10. 2013 	OK

EDIT: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/31228-paladins-of-faerun-quest-pack/

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It isn't new, it isn't mine and I haven't even attempted looking at it in depth. (I kid you not, I'm only doing technical work on this atm for standardizing the prefix, so the above guess is correct, I haven't attempted to wrap my head around the actual content even.) That repo of mine will be axed at one point for sure.

I'm also not happy for the attention of it.

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I figured it might actually be a forgotten project from the earliest days of BG2 modding.

The translations suggest the writer wasn't quite proficient in English and attempted to do so before better translation software like Yandex and the post 2016 Google translate (for European languages anyway) were available.

If anyone remembers Google translate ~2008-2010 it was a running joke to see how badly it would render translations.

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This project is from 2010 Czech modders. And it was only in Czech. The project was translated into Russian and I tried to make an installer version for Weidu. To be compatible with BVP. Moder Serdrick connected to me as he is more literate in coding, and we slowly sawed the mod to work more correctly with other big mods. It seems that it worked with the rest of the big mods for BG and the work stopped there. English translation of course google translate 2020. Then came the translation into German by Leo Watson, and then into French by JohnBob.

Since people wanted to see the mod on ЕЕ engine, I did not resist and gave permission for further exploitation of the mod to other modders.

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No problem, when I posted a mod on the SHS, I urged people to correct the English translation or do full editing for an English-speaking audience.

The only point is that you will have to do two translations for vanilla and for EE, since there are different text encodings. 

And support Graion Dilach. So he took on a very difficult job. It's still lucky that there are no new spells and kits.

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An early alpha will be released soon enough, the implementation of prefixes progresses... I still have to manually modify those that are too complex (for me) to modify with the help of a macro. Once it's done some of you could test and report bugs.

The languages will all be in ANSI (codage for russian of course), with handle charset there will be only one translation. (I still hope to keep vanilla compatibility)

I also modified the first cutscene a little...
To see if it fits!


- Then, I have to work on French translation, it's tricky because like mentionned the english one is a mess.

- In the meantime, The journal entries will be converted in quest entries.

- Rewiew of Aeras on worldmap for compatibility.

- Use gw_functions for item descritpions / restrictions

- And a full rewiew of the mod to verify nothing odd occurs


So the mod won't be ready tomorrow, but perhaps not too long.

It will depend on how much time I can devote to it and whether any new difficulties arise.


News will be annonced in The-Gate-Project.

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