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Which fix and tweakpacks are currently recommended for a EET install?

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Over the years, there have been lots and lots of fixpacks, compilations, tweak packs, unfinished business packs. I imagine some of them got deprecated through Beamdog fixes, some others might be no longer needed through EET fixing something. As someone trying to get myself a nice fresh EET install, I ask myself: what do I need? what is obsolete? what is recommended or even required for many a mod?

I'm not looking to remix anything, I want a good, steamlined trilogy experience with mods that expand upon the existing material rather than going for something different. I never even completed BG2, actually, and that's what I'm looking to do.

Do I need the bg2fixpack? What about the EET fixpack? Do I need Ding0's tweakpack? What about the Tweaks Anthology? Do I still need modmerge with GOG versions? Do I need the SOD tweaks? Are the unfinished business mods still needed? What would you recommend?

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There's no EET Fixpack and what is claimed as such breaks the Sarevok coronation scene (long suspected, last week confirmed).

2.6 didn't do content restoration, 2.5 did, UBs are aware of it.

Modmerge is replaced with DLCMerger and the step is still needed.

If you're only finishing BG2 now, you might not need EET to begin with.

There are no general recommendations atm. Pick whatever you want, basically, install orders are then reviewed based on the selection.

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I just put together a mod list for vanilla EET playthrough, so no new or restored content and no rules changes but all the fixes and QoL tweaks I know of:

A7-DLCMERGER-MERGE_SOD;DLC Merger - Merge "Siege of Dragonspear" DLC
EET:0;Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET) - EET core (resource importation)
bubb_revert_pathfinding:0;bubb_revert_pathfinding - Bubb's v2.6.6.0+ Pathfinding Revert
EEex:0;EEex - EEex
EEex:1;EEex - Enable effect menu module - LShift-on-hover to view spells affecting creature
EEex:2;EEex - Enable timer module - Visual indicators for modal actions, contingencies, and spell/item cooldowns
EEex:3;EEex - Timer module - Show modal actions (red bar)
EEex:4;EEex - Timer module - Show contingencies (green bar)
EEex:5;EEex - Timer module - Show spell/item cooldowns (cyan bar)
EEex:6;EEex - Time step module - Advance 1 game tick on keypress
EEex:7;EEex - Hotkey module - Edit override/B3Hotkey.lua to create advanced spell hotkeys
LeUI-SoD:0;lefreut's Enhanced UI (SoD skin) - lefreut's Enhanced UI (SoD skin) - Core component
B3-BubbsSpellMenuExtended-Main;Bubb's Spell Menu Extended - Bubb's Spell Menu Extended
bggo:0;bggo - BGGO for EET, BGT, BGEE, BG2EE, ToB and Tutu
PS_BGEEClassicMovies_AddMissingMovies;BG:EE Classic Movies - Add missing movies
PS_BGEEClassicMovies_AddMoviesToInGameMenu;BG:EE Classic Movies - Show all movies in options without need to unlock them in game
PS_BGEEClassicMovies_RestoreChapterDreamScreens;BG:EE Classic Movies - Restore BG1 Chapter and Dream Screens
A7-HQ_SOUNDCLIPS_BG2EE-MAIN;High Quality soundclips for BG2:EE extended content - Install high quality soundclips for new BG2EE content
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Fem1;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Female 1 (generic)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Fem2;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Female 2 (generic)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Fem3;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Female 3 (generic)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Fem4;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Female 4 (generic)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Fem5;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Female 5 (generic)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Fem6;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Female 6 (generic)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Fem7;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Female 7 (generic)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Dove;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Kaelyn the Dove (female cleric)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Elan;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Elanee (female druid)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Nees;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Neeshka (female rogue)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Qara;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Qara (female mage)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Safi;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Safiya (female mage)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Shan;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Shandra (female warrior)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Zhja;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Zhjaeve (female cleric)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Raeg;NWN2 Soundsets - DoD: Raegen Brunegar (female fighter)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Veit;NWN2 Soundsets - DoD: Veiti Ironeater (female dwarf)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Mal1;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Male 1 (generic)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Mal2;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Male 2 (generic)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Mal3;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Male 3 (generic)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Mal4;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Male 4 (generic)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Mal5;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Male 5 (generic)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Mal6;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Male 6 (generic)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Mal7;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Male 7 (generic)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Amon;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Ammon Jerro (male mage)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Bish;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Bishop (male warrior)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Casa;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Casavir (male paladin)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Gann;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Gannayev-of-Dreams (male shaman)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Khel;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Khlegar (male warrior)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Sand;NWN2 Soundsets - NWN2: Sand (male mage)
AY-NWN2Soundsets-Purf;NWN2 Soundsets - DoD: Purfbin Doogrick (male rogue)
HouseTweaks:15;AionZ's House Rules - House Tweaks: Cloak of Dragomir only decreases stats in daylight
HouseTweaks:18;AionZ's House Rules - House Tweaks: Faster Troll Unconsciousness
HouseTweaks:19;AionZ's House Rules - House Tweaks: Restore Reputation Increase Sound Effect for BG2
cd_tweaks_viconia_skin_color;The Tweaks Anthology - Change Viconia's Skin Color to Dark Blue
cd_tweaks_weapon_animation_tweaks;The Tweaks Anthology - Weapon Animation Tweaks
cd_tweaks_remove_portrait_icons;The Tweaks Anthology - Disable Portrait Icons Added by Equipped Items
cd_tweaks_drab_commoners;The Tweaks Anthology - Commoners Use Drab Colors
cd_tweaks_icon_improvements;The Tweaks Anthology - Icon Improvements
cd_tweaks_force_all_dialogue_to_pause;The Tweaks Anthology - Force All Dialogue to Pause Game
cd_tweaks_fix_boo_squeak;The Tweaks Anthology - Fix Boo's Squeak
cdtweaks:150;The Tweaks Anthology - Remove "+x" From Unique Item Names
cd_tweaks_unique_icons;The Tweaks Anthology - Only replace icons that aren't already unique
cd_tweaks_char_colors_normal_helms_shields;The Tweaks Anthology - For non-magical shields and helmets
cd_tweaks_remove_equipped_blur_spell_trap_effects;The Tweaks Anthology - Remove all of the above
cd_tweaks_replace_fire_cold_resist_icons;The Tweaks Anthology - Separate Resist Fire/Cold Icon into Separate Icons [Angel]
cd_tweaks_more_interjections;The Tweaks Anthology - More Interjections
cd_tweaks_alter_wounded_triggers;The Tweaks Anthology - Alter HP Triggers for NPC Wounded Dialogues
cd_tweaks_reveal_cloakwood_1;The Tweaks Anthology - First area only
cd_tweaks_improved_athkatla_guard;The Tweaks Anthology - Improved Athkatlan City Guard
cd_tweaks_gradual_drow_item_disintegration;The Tweaks Anthology - Gradual Drow Item Disintegration
cd_tweaks_breakable_armor_bg;The Tweaks Anthology - Breakable Iron Non-Magical Shields, Helms, and Armor
cd_tweaks_send_bg_npcs_to_inn;The Tweaks Anthology - Send BioWare NPCs to an Inn [DavidW/Zed Nocear]
cd_tweaks_add_bags_of_holding;The Tweaks Anthology - Add Bags of Holding
cd_tweaks_reveal_city_areas;The Tweaks Anthology - Reveal City Maps When Entering Area
cd_tweaks_add_map_notes;The Tweaks Anthology - Add Map Notes
cd_tweaks_stores_sell_higher_stacks;The Tweaks Anthology - Stores Sell Higher Stacks of Items
cd_tweaks_weimer_shapeshifter_rebalancing;The Tweaks Anthology - Shapeshifter Rebalancing [Weimer]
cd_tweaks_multi_stronghold_class_restriction;The Tweaks Anthology - Keep class restrictions
cd_tweaks_cromwell_updates_wk_items;The Tweaks Anthology - Allow Cromwell to Upgrade Watcher's Keep Items
cd_tweaks_cespenar_updates_soa_items;The Tweaks Anthology - Allow Cespenar to Use Cromwell Recipes
cd_tweaks_change_cloakwood_trigger;The Tweaks Anthology - Change Cloakwood Mine Chapter End Change Trigger to Non-TotSC Behavior [plainab]
cd_tweaks_protection_items_pnp;The Tweaks Anthology - PnP restrictions
cd_tweaks_max_hp_at_l1;The Tweaks Anthology - Max HP at Level One
cd_tweaks_higher_hp_at_levelup_nwn;The Tweaks Anthology - NWN-style
cd_tweaks_easy_spell_learning_capped;The Tweaks Anthology - 100% learn spells
cd_tweaks_bottomless_bags;The Tweaks Anthology - Make Bags of Holding Bottomless
cd_tweaks_store_rep_low_rep_discount;The Tweaks Anthology - Low Reputation Store Discount [Sabre]
cd_tweaks_increase_ammo_stacks_infinite;The Tweaks Anthology - Unlimited ammo stacking
cd_tweaks_increase_gem_stacks_infinite;The Tweaks Anthology - Unlimited jewelry, gem, and miscellaneous item stacking
cd_tweaks_increase_potion_stacks_infinite;The Tweaks Anthology - Unlimited potion stacking
cd_tweaks_increase_scroll_stacks_infinite;The Tweaks Anthology - Unlimited scroll stacking
cd_tweaks_happy_neutrals;The Tweaks Anthology - Neutral Characters Make Happy Comments at Mid-Range Reputation [Luiz]
cd_tweaks_sellable_items;The Tweaks Anthology - Sellable Items [icelus]
cd_tweaks_taerom_makes_multiple_ankheg_armor;The Tweaks Anthology - Taerom Makes Additional Ankheg Armor [Icendoan/grogerson]
cd_tweaks_recover_ammo_25_enemy_only;The Tweaks Anthology - 25% chance to recover after a successful hit, vs. enemies only
cd_tweaks_recover_throwing_weapons_25_enemy_only;The Tweaks Anthology - 25% chance to recover after a successful hit, vs. enemies only
cd_tweaks_universal_four_weapon_slots;The Tweaks Anthology - Give Every Class/Kit Four Weapon Slots
cd_tweaks_personalize_savename_opt1;The Tweaks Anthology - Use scheme: 000000000-Protagonist-Save-Name
cd_tweaks_death_cam;The Tweaks Anthology - Death Cam
cd_tweaks_new_game_disable_party_ai;The Tweaks Anthology - Start New Games with Party AI Turned Off
cd_tweaks_noncombat_speed_casting_increase_150;The Tweaks Anthology - Movement speed by 150 percent and casting speed
cd_tweaks_create_interval_one_save_30;The Tweaks Anthology - Every 30 minutes (one save only)
cd_tweaks_adjust_evil_npc_reactions;The Tweaks Anthology - Adjust Evil Joinable NPC Reaction Rolls
cd_tweaks_improved_fate_spirit_summoning;The Tweaks Anthology - Improved Fate Spirit Summoning
cd_tweaks_move_boo_into_inventory;The Tweaks Anthology - Move Boo Into Minsc's Pack
cd_tweaks_protect_sharteel;The Tweaks Anthology - Ensure Shar-Teel Doesn't Die in the Original Challenge
cd_tweaks_disable_joinable_ai_scripts;The Tweaks Anthology - Don't Auto-Assign Advanced AI Scripting to Party
A7-HIDDENGAMEPLAYOPTIONS-INSTALL_ALL;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Install all Hidden Gameplay Options at once
A7-HIDDENGAMEPLAYOPTIONS-IMPROVED_CHEAT_MENU;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Improved Cheat Menu
A7-HIDDENGAMEPLAYOPTIONS-IMPROVED_CHEAT_MENU_UPDATE;Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - Update resource tables for "Improved Cheat Menu"
METweaks:2400;METweaks - Make enemies change their attack targets more quickly
METweaks:3100;METweaks - Make it so the Jacil and Wiven encounters aren't replaced by other quests
METweaks:3200;METweaks - Creatures without infravision have -4 THAC0 at night or in dark places
METweaks:4200;METweaks - Replace the "I'm on it like ugly on an orc" quote with "I'm on it"
tnt:2;Tweaks and Tricks - Improved trap detection: instant detection
tnt:4;Tweaks and Tricks - disclose trap type
tnt:15;Tweaks and Tricks - Non-disarmable Davaeorn's Battle Horrors
tnt:16;Tweaks and Tricks - Additions only
tnt:19;Tweaks and Tricks - Reintroduce and adjust to framerate
tnt:22;Tweaks and Tricks - No talking when hiding in shadows
tnt:24;Tweaks and Tricks - Hassle-free ammo
tnt:28;Tweaks and Tricks - Remove blur graphics from items
tnt:34;Tweaks and Tricks - Unlimited goodberries stacking
tnt:38;Tweaks and Tricks - Distinct quest items
tnt:63;Tweaks and Tricks - No XP farming
tnt:64;Tweaks and Tricks - Can't steal Carsomyr
tnt:68;Tweaks and Tricks - Improved strongholds
tnt:78;Tweaks and Tricks - Gem, scroll, potion, ammo (GSPA)
EET_Tweaks:1001;Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy Tweaks (EET Tweaks) - BG2
EET_Tweaks:1021;Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy Tweaks (EET Tweaks) - BG2
EET_Tweaks:1031;Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy Tweaks (EET Tweaks) - BG2
EET_Tweaks:1042;Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy Tweaks (EET Tweaks) - SoD
EET_Tweaks:1050;Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy Tweaks (EET Tweaks) - Cameo NPCs appearance
EET_Tweaks:2040;Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy Tweaks (EET Tweaks) - BG1 values (default)
EET_Tweaks:2052;Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy Tweaks (EET Tweaks) - Decrease to 50%
EET_Tweaks:4040;Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy Tweaks (EET Tweaks) - Import party items to SoA
EET_Tweaks:4050;Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy Tweaks (EET Tweaks) - Books/Scrolls categorization
EET_Tweaks:4060;Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy Tweaks (EET Tweaks) - Wand Case
EET_Tweaks:4070;Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy Tweaks (EET Tweaks) - Key Ring
PPE:0;PPE - Portraits Portraits Everywhere (PPE) - core component
PPE:100;PPE - Sequenced
PPE:20;PPE - Replace Low Quality TOB & SOA Portraits
PPE:25;PPE - Edwin/Edwina
PPE:30;PPE - Ust Natha Drow NPCs
EET_end:0;Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET) - End - Standard installation
EnhancedPowergamingScripts-MainAccelerated;Enhanced Powergaming Scripts - Accelerated Pre-Buffing Speed
EnhancedPowergamingScripts-Celestials;Enhanced Powergaming Scripts - Install Enhanced Scripts for Summoned Celestials

There are loads of other great options in the tweak mods above, but they all take the game further from vanilla than I want for my palate cleansing run!

There is a project to build an EE Fixpack, but it hasn't been released yet, so is not advised unless you are capable of doing your own troubleshooting.

As for content, my recommendations tend to be:

BG1 Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business
Almateria's Restoration Project
Wheels of Prophecy
Restored Rhyn Lanthorn
BG1 Mini Quests And Encounters
Hidden Encounters
Ascalon's Questpack

The above either only add small quests or make positive changes to existing content. They are mostly in keeping with the tone of the original games.

Depending on how chatty you like your game, you might also want to add the Interaction Expansion Project and PPG Banters, along with the various banter/friendship/romance expansions for the original and EE companions.

After that you are into mods with entirely new content or major rules changes, many of which are excellent. I can recommend most of @Lava's quest mods, and am looking forward to playing SoD with a bunch of @jastey's storyline/RP mods.

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3 hours ago, Graion Dilach said:

If you're only finishing BG2 now, you might not need EET to begin with.

Depends of what @Anton means by "not finishing BG2".

I also say I never finished BG2 because I never finished ToB. Less fun than SoA. I think I never killed Abazigal.

But I sure finished SoA many times.

Or course using "you might" got you covered :p

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On 10/9/2023 at 12:53 PM, Graion Dilach said:

There's no EET Fixpack and what is claimed as such breaks the Sarevok coronation scene (long suspected, last week confirmed).

2.6 didn't do content restoration, 2.5 did, UBs are aware of it.

Modmerge is replaced with DLCMerger and the step is still needed.

If you're only finishing BG2 now, you might not need EET to begin with.

There are no general recommendations atm. Pick whatever you want, basically, install orders are then reviewed based on the selection.

Thanks, I didn't mean that horrible Roxanne "fixpack", I was talking about EE Fixpack by Camdawg. Don't know if it's still relevant because last Github update is 10 months ago. Do you by chance know if it is? Otherwise, I'll have to dig through the forums. The info that 2.6 didn't do content restoration is very useful, thanks.

And yes, I finished BG1 like 20 years ago and then got stuck in underdark. I'd like to start a new campaign in trilogy because trilogy is fun. Fun to build, fun to play through unless it's horribly broken in the middle, which is what I try to avoid. I'm currently working on my mod build (I already built BGT and EET before, most recently on 2.5) but didn't get around playing computer games since the pandemic, and now that I have a new laptop, I decided to start fresh.

I'll post my build as soon as I'm done ordering all these mods and pruning the ones I absolutely do not want.


Oh, and do I still need "revert pathfinding", seeing how 2.6 claims to improve it? I never saw that bubb's mod made much of a difference tbh.

Edited by Anton
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On 10/11/2023 at 10:06 AM, Graion Dilach said:

EE Fixpack isn't ready yet and while EET's master allows merging fixpacked games (13.4 doesnt), we haven't started reviewing the result yet. Wouldn't recommend.


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