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Don't kill me for this, but I can see the rationale behind "forgetting how to fight." I cannot see the rationale behind losing lore. I could understand if the character loses fighting ability because immersion in the new class has forced him/her to think in a new way and act in a new way, and it isn't until equivalent levels are obtained that the character is comfortable enough in the new class to be able to switch back and forth at will.


If we're going for maximum annoyance value, from the technical end, it would also make sense that once the character has attained sufficient xp in the new level to regain the previous classes abilities, the character would then progress as a multi-classed character as opposed to a dual-classed one. If they're using skills from both pools, they should progress in both classes. I could see getting a little rusty in the first class, so being forced to resume that one at 1 level less than previously attained.


Just an opinion, folks.

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Guest Himself :)

I mentioned this cause, every time I dual class someone, first thing to do is save and open shadowkeeper to give back proficiency stars, always. Everyone I know who plays bg2 also does the same.


I just dual classed yoshimo to fighter, and suddenly he doesnt know how to use a katana anymore, and if I spend a point to his katana, its bye bye to the one he had previously, will never get it back.


The most common dual classing is (main-char) fighter becoming mage, then I cant really see a drawnback as well, most weapons that a fighter can use a mage can not, so it would not be an advantage.


I can see how a mage, a cleric or a thief should refrain from using their "profession skills", praying to gods, studying magic, or doing all sorts of tasks a thief tries to excel at... as these things can be very extenuating and they take lots of time, but fighting is something that you just cant fake, you can't pretend you dont know to do something you do, while you're trying to exactly it, the same way you cant pretend you dont know "anything" about an item that you simply do.

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Fighting is also something you need to *practice* a lot. I know fencers and re-enactment people whose form suffers from a few weeks without going to practices.


This is my opinion. I do not expect anyone else to share it and won't be offended if you don't.

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Guest Guest_Himself_*

Your reasoning is good, thats why AD&D rules were the way they were, and if were going to have a real life debate you win :suspect:


But this is the kind or reality that doesnt translate well into game, it really becomes an annoyance factor to gameplay.

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And the fact that you disagree on this means it perfectly embodies the definition of a 'tweak', as opposed to a 'fix' - some people will think it's neccesary to have, and some people will not. :suspect:


Personally, I have no opinion because I never dual-class anyone. :down:

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Guest Guest
Don't get me wrong. I have no deep-seated objections to such a tweak on moral grounds :love: The beauty of tweaks is that you can pick and chose those elements which you feel will improve the game for you.


Yes, I knew you would install it too :suspect:


JK! :p


damn the confirmation e-mail for my account just refuses to come, some forums dont like me :down:

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Nope. I will not install it. I still disagree. But I will defend your right to install whatever you please.


By the way, you might not get a confirmation email. I never did. Just try entering your selected name and password and see what happens.

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Any way Cam or Ido could respond to some of these suggestions, when they get a chance? It would be nice to hear the modders' opinions on whether they are viable or they like them or whatever. :)

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A couple of tweak ideas:


1: Similar to the make Jaheira Neutral Good component, I'd very much like to see an option to make Korgan Neutral Evil, as Chaotic Evil doesn't really fit his personality at all. I get the feeling the only reason he was set to CE is that the developers wanted to have at least one NPC for each of the nine alignments, and Korgan was the "closest" to being CE.


2: It's always annoyed me that two BG1 NPCs have 'illegal' stats - Kagain's 20 CON and Coran's 20 DEX. One could argue that they might've come across some of these lovely tomes, but Kagain doesn't exactly seem the scholarly type, :blush: and what are the odds of Coran getting a hold of two tomes of dexterity? A tweak to give Kagain 19 CON and Coran 18 DEX would be ideal.

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