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I would wish a the choice to get either Stoneskin or Ironskin or both nerfed. Just an idea anyway.

Ashes of Embers does this; it reduces durations of both to four rounds.


What about adding the pnp bonuses for high INT and WIS scores?
1. Experience bonus for high class atributtes

Both of these are doable, but would probably be very flaky and hacky--two things I like to avoid.


2. PnP Aimed Shoot

Yeah, adding a batch of P&P standard abilities has been on the list for a while (low-level abilities). While it's fairly straightforward to do, the big problem is that it will kinda suck unless enemies use them too, which is why I've been avoiding it.


3. 3rd edition Assasin

Song & Silence, three forums up. :)


4. Change amount of money required to rescue Imoen

5. Give a time limit for rescue Imoen

I love both of these ideas, but my concern is that Tweaks really wouldn't do them justice--I think they'd be better served with an independent mod.


That being said, I've kicked around ideas for stuff like this before. You could introduce penalties to Imoen for delays--i.e. if you pick her up in a reasonable amount of time she's fine, but too late and she's lost some attribute points, or her max HP is lower, fewer memorized spell slots, etc. Basically, something along the lines of Ployer's curse on Jaheira, but permanent and over a much longer time frame. For those that don't care about Imoen, Irenicus could also use the extra time to to shore up Spellhold with more defenses--more traps, better monsters, better contingencies, etc. At least some of this would require a good tactical scripter, which I am decidedly not. (DavidW, feel free to steal ideas liberally here... :) )


You could add legitimate time pressures to chapters six and seven with the same ideas.


Has Carsomyr's dispelling ability been fixed already? If not, it definitely should: it doesn't work in the game.

Should be fixed by the Fixpack.

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Both of these are doable, but would probably be very flaky and hacky--two things I like to avoid.


I somehow fail to see how boni for high INT/WIS scores could be regarded as "flaky": they're there in PnP so I think it's flaky not to have them in the game :)

Also, they wouldn't probably be hacky because, as it has already been said:


1. Only a few PCs would benefit from them without cheating and even then, they wouldn't be able to benefit from all of the boni at a time

2. NPCs and monsters would benefit from them as well (and still they'd be very few, as with the PCs)

3. They wouldn't be that unbalancing anyway

4. Consistently to the spirit of the Tweak Pack, they'd be optional

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I wondered when I translated this from IWD Tweaks v5 :
Druids Use 3E Alilgnment Restrictions

Can this tweak be backported to BG2 Tweaks ? :)

Yes. The looser druid and cleric item restrictions will also be ported--I know AoE already does this splendidly, but some folks might just want this simpler version. (DR also does the 3e alignments, but everyone may not like the sphere changes that accompany them.)

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Guest Morken

Idea: Durations for Stoneskin, Ironskin, thief snares, skull trap, contingencies and triggers, invisibility, melifs should all be maxed at 8 hours (one rest period).

The reason being is that it is cheesy to stack up these powers. Aerial servant is Ok at 9 hours because it's not all that strong a spell and can't cross a zone.


Idea Number 2: Tactical battle mods make fights much longer for the player, they should also allow one save-game during the battle.


Idea Number 3: Once a melee combatant has begun his swing animation, the weapon reach increases to 10 yards to prevent cheesy retreat tricks.


Idea Number 4: High level fighter types get a self-buff "resist fear".

It is a stupid Idea that boofs rely on nerds to pep them up for a fight.

In fact, I think the spell resist fear should be erased, the effect is purely a fighter's thing, courage, you know.

And barbarians should get a close range "spook the mages" ability. Call it "BOO!".

It only works versus pure mages.


Idea Number 5: Out of combat, all characters effectively get alarcity type benefits and can chain cast spells, drink potions, activate items.

It takes too long toward the endgame to buff for a fight.


Idea Number 6: How about a mod that makes the enemy NPC parties buffed to about the same level as you? If you "cheated" and buffed before walking over a zoneline, the NPCs say "Well Bhaalspawn, we heard you coming and are prepared for you", and they are all buffed up. I rather dislike the general Idea pre buffing for fights you aren't supposed to know of.

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2 and 3 are not possible due to the engine itself. 4 is already covered by better saving throws at higher levels. 1 and 6 are better covered by a tactical mod, which is not something Tweaks is ever going to be, and 5 should be covered by any of the myriad cheating player AI scripts out there.

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Guest Morken

1) Never pick up crap again

This component means you can't sell stuff to shops BUT you get "awarded" gold at certain times, like after fights and quests. Also, everytime you kill a mob, it's gold just goes to inventory.


2) Enough Micromanagement you coward

This component gives you 2 pauses per combat round of the protagonist.

Pressing Inventory or Options counts as pausing, autopauses caused by target destroyed, spell cast etc do not count versus this limit. If your protagonist is a lousy class like bard or pure fighter, give them +1 pause and rationalise that such classes have more tactical generalship.

If you pause a third time, the game pauses, but you lose your next attack due to the excessive thinking on the battlefield.

If you pause a fourth time, the game pauses, the party member most damaged percentage-wise says "I thought you knew what you're doing!"/"We are going to die aren't we" and that member has to make a panic save because you don't look confident.

If you do it a fifth time, whoever you are issuing orders to must save versus confusion because you are talking so bloody much.

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