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[Idea] Shapeshifting HOW style


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Many people find Druids underpowered as compered to clerics. The expantion to IWD in order to balance things out added a small healing upon shapeshifting, IMO it not only makes druids stronger overall but also encourages the usage of much neglected Druids' abilities... So how about adding this to the tweak pack?

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I'm not saying you're wrong Andyr, I was sure they don't heal in bg2, but memory is a strange thing and I don't have it installed at the moment and can't check. Could you? I'd like to know how rotten my brain is :)


I am quite possibly wrong as I've not had access to my laptop with games on it for a while now, and haven't played in even longer. :D

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Actually, I believe that the normal handling of druidic shapeshifts in AD&D had the healing occur when the turned back to their humanoid form, and not when changing to their animal form. Thats the method Refinements uses if I recall correctly.

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From the Player's Handbook (keeping in mind the one I have is 3E):


At 5th level, a druid gains the spell-like ability to polymorph self into a Small or Medium-size animal (but not a dire animal) and back again once per day. Unlike the standard use of the spell, however, the druid may only adopt one form.  As stated in the spell description, the druid regains hit points as if she has rested for a day.
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Hmm, it appears that the IWD handling of shapeshifting is another interpretation of the rules. The quote from the Complete Handbook of Druids TSR 2150 is as follows:


Shifting shape takes one round, during which the druid cannot take other actions. The druid can

remain in the new shape indefinitelyâ€â€the duration of a form ends only when the druid turns back to

the original shape or assumes another one. A druid can shift from one shape to another without

returning to human form first.

Upon assuming a new form, the druid heals 10% to 60% (1d6-10) of all damage. (Round fractions

down.) For example, a druid who has suffered 15 points of damage rolls a 3 on a d6. Therefore,

the character regains 30%-15 hp, or 4.5 hp. This value becomes 4 hit points after rounding.


It looks like this could be interpreted as the druid healing the hitpoints whenever he changes shape. So IWD has it at the beginning of the shapechange, and BGII (In refinements) has it at the end of the shapechange. Another interpretation would be to have it at both ends of the change.

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Well, this is unclear... but "new form" may mean "that which is not native" thus animal form, we should also note that after all IWD is an official licensed by Wotc product, so maybe their interpretation is more accurate? Sorry for dragging this, but healing on come back to human from seems highly illogical to me (esp. in the case of werewolf)

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