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I also have some reservations about Half-Dragons and Half-Ogres, since I'm not sure where they should be put with regards to the main race choice.


The "Half-Orc" race in character generation going to be changed to something like "Half-Breed", with numerous races then available to chose from via dialgoue after you start the game (as you'll do with the other species' subraces).

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Hmm, in that case Mongrelmen and Ogrillions are both viable options. Also, Half-Tritons may be reasonable. However, they would be quite similar to Half Aquatic Elves, except they have less magic and much higher magic resistance.


Also, the non-swan version of a swanmay is called a Bird Maiden.



If you'd like, I can start posting stats for the list of the uncut options.

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Looks like we can scratch half-Dwarves off the list. From FR11 - Dwarves Deep:


Humans, gnomes, and halflings are cross-fertile with dwarves. Elminster says elves and dwarves can have issue as well.Common in Ardeep, Eaerlann, and Myth Drannor of old, this is unheard-of today.


Mates who respect dwarven customs and traditions are honored for their courage (in entering a strange society), loyalty (to the customs of dwarves) and aid (in preserving the Folk).


"Half-dwarves" are not a distinct race. Save for their height (a head taller than most dwarves) all offspring of unions between dwarves and other races look and act (and are treated in the rules) as pureblood dwarves. Dwarven halfbreeds always have the stocky build and hirsute appearance of purebloods.


If halfbloods mate with pureblood dwarves, the offspring will be a pureblood. If halfbloods mate with another halfblood or a nondwarf, the offspring will be a halfblood.

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Andyr: Hmm, I'm not sure about that.


I found the official descriptions for Half-Satyrs & Half-Dryads (apparently Dryads are the female counterparts to Satyrs, rather than Nymphs as we previously thought). Half-Satyrs would indeed be impossible with the current game avatars, but Half-Dryads seem quite possible.


The half-dryad


The daughter of a satyr and a human woman, or of a dryad and a human man, is known as a half-dryad.


Appearance: The half-dryad appears as a normal (and usually quite attractive) human woman, with one exception. When the dryad is about 12 years old, her hair color turns to a brilliant green.


Life history: If born to a dryad, the half-dryad may be raised by her mother until adolescence. At that time, the youngster, realizing she is not a true dryad, may seek out human, half-elven, or elven company. On the other hand, a half-dryad born in human society may develop an unusually intense interest in the forest and its inhabitants. In any case, half-dryads, like half-satyrs, become acquainted with both human and woodland ways.


Point of view: On the whole, half-dryads are more serious than half-satyrs. They are not given to excess drinking of alcoholic beverages. They do, however, love to sing and dance, and are quite proud of their beauty and its effects on men. Half-dryads can be quite flirtatious.


Classes: A half-dryad character may be a druid, fighter, ranger, mage, sorcerer, thief, or bard.


Racial talents: Half-dryads have a 50% chance of identifying plant type, animal type, and pure water. They are 90% resistant to charm spells cast by creatures associated with nature, but they have no resistance to spells cast by music and singing.


Armour and weapons: Because of their close connection with nature, half-dryads are acutely uncomfortable in metal armor, and therefore refuse to wear it, regardless of profession. The only exception to this rule is elven chainmail, which may be presented as an award to a particular half-dryad by grateful elves. Because of its make, elven chainmail also does not interfere so sharply with this "natural connection", and so can be worn by half-dryad fighters and rangers (including multiclassed characters), and bards. They can, however, use any type of shield or weapon available to their class.


Stat adjustments: +1 CHA, -1 CON


Thief skill adjustments: +5% Hide In Shadows

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Subraces will be chosen through dialogue right at the start of the game.


Characters imported from BG1 will therefore be able to chose their subrace, along with which deity they worship (for Clerics, Paladins, Druids and Rangers), their primary terrain (Rangers-only) and druidic branch (Druid-only, obviously) :D

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I agree with the first round of cuts but also think the Fey'ri subrace should also be cut. Drow should also be cut unless you are going to limit their powers initially so they do not get those extra powers and abilities that they normally have in the Underdark. The justification for this with the PC is that he has spent his life on the surface under Gorion's tutelage. Just an idea. It might not be a bad idea too to include a Patron deity selection even for non-divine characters since this patronage might be usable as role-playing opprtunities and dialog in the game. An interesting twist might be the conversation with Cyric in TOB with a character that has Cyric as a patron deity. Just a thought.

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Out of curiosity, what avatars are you planning to use for the various half-breeds, in particular half-orog and half-ogre? I suppose the half-orc ones would work, but it wouldn't look quite "right" I think. Oh, and why not keep the fey'ri? If you're going to do the human-based tieflings, why not elf as well?

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Well there is a Half-Ogre monster avatar, but I doubt it's approprifate or us by the PC (weapons and armour wouldn't change, plus it's not really suitable for classes other than Fighter or Barbarian). So with a lack of better alternatives, that one will have to do :).

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