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Portrait Preferences


Portrait preferences  

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Gotta say I like the sultry Del piccy...  For some reason the masthead one just looks wrong to me.  Not that its a bad picture it just looks like she is doing a bit of a camp dance...


Btw Bri, how come you don't have some cool 'Moderator' type title?

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Probably because I missed some tweak when creating the groups.  :D I'm still finalizing some settings--gotta replace those pips with full moons, for example.  :D

How come our piccies are so small anyway? Oh damn, I've got to say something about the portraits as well in this post or I'll be OT and Bri will hurt me...


So the portraits... they are... erm... well...ah... oh f*ck it...

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Heya all.


As for my preferred portrait in the list, I'm undecided 'tween the sultry and refined ones... the rest don't really seem right to me. There all pretty good overall, though.



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I can't say I'm surprised by the one you like Camdawg ;-)

I'm not even going to ask. :D


For me, the reasoning goes like this: Delainy comes from a tribal society, which gives me a preference for the masthead, masthead clone, and tribal pics. (As an aside, we really need to come up with better nicks for those photos :D ) That being said, I don't like the 80s hair of tribal Delainy, and I think the headdress of the current masthead makes her look like a Druid.

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Heh, I'm just teasing Cam ^_^


More seriously, I agree that we need to come up with better nicknames.


My own preference is for the more tribal ones...I guess I prefer the first one myself, though, cuz it doesn't seem like she is the type of person to have her breasts enter five minutes before the rest of her does...


I mean, she could poke someone's eye out with one of those ;-)

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