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I don't know... I mean, on one hand, I am really sorry the forums are down, but I am also very upset download is outdated. I actually cried when our readme was not updated in time on G3. Sniff.

:) Dragon_lord and SirKill do their best to keep the mirror updated, there won't be (m)any outdated mods hopefully.


However, since I've seen similar complaints on other sites, I would like to make something clear. It seems that some people think that modders do a favour to DHDC by giving permission to us to mirror their mods. No, no, we do a favour to them by providing a fast mirror for mods. And we gladly do this! It was just important to make certain things clear. (I used the word 'favour' because our service is free...)

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It's so funny how people can't imagine sometimes that free time can be a limited quantity, and the function of a server's return doesn't depend on the seriousity of the maintenance only.




Considering that one was aimed at me, I can pretty much guarantee that you have more free time than I do.

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