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Black Wyrm Lair


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I activated the web and forums, but many files are still under upload.


I must admit, considering that BWL has been down for over two weeks now does make me curious about whether or not it will be back. Surely whatever needed to be done on the server should not take that long to accomplish.

It's so funny how people can't imagine sometimes that free time can be a limited quantity, and the function of a server's return doesn't depend on the seriousity of the maintenance only. :)


Shades of TBG...

Fortunately we didn't inherit this 'feature' of TeamBG. (I wish TeamBG would still exist ;) ).

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I don't know... I mean, on one hand, I am really sorry the forums are down, but I am also very upset download is outdated. I actually cried when our readme was not updated in time on G3. Sniff.


So, I am not sure whether it is sarcasm or not. *scratches head*

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It seems to be back up now, and yep, BG1NPC v11 is in the download centre .




Though their RSS is down... and btw PPG has some down periods quite often lately...


Perhaps these are planned backups? They normally happen at the same time.

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