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BWL is dead forever. I leave modding, I deleted all files and mods of BWL. I sold the server.







Joking apart, it's good to see how many people miss BWL; it shows that it has been a useful site in several respects. But I would be much, much happier if BWL could be online. Unfortunately unexpected circumstances appeared (which prevented me from setting up BWL before the start of the 'main' period of the uni semester), and now I can find only very little free time on BWL. I try to get as much time as possible, but as SK said, university also requires a lot of time. Despite the little time I have, BWL is getting ready to run again slowly but surely. I don't like to guess when it will be online again, but I will make an attempt: BWL will become available before the end of November. But as I said, it depends on several things.

Thank you for your patience,


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