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Another status update. I have the music part worked out, though it makes the game slightly incompatible with the original IWD2 (one of the sound file names is hard-coded). I could also handle this by making a seperate binary which has it's advantages (I can probably change the start-up screen).


The next stumbling block I've hit has to do with mutate_cre. This routine is frought with a lot of problems. They stem from the original approach which is to convert the 2E based IWD1 CRE's to 3E based IWD2 CRE's. The routine has many clever things for handling this including the way statistics are scaled and feats and class abilities are added to re-build a character from the ground up. Unfortunately, there are several places where this is prone to fail (I'll list them later when I've gone through it again). One particular place of failure is the spell-book conversion. If not enough spells are memorized, then the routine slelects from a "random_spell" table, but the same table is used for all classes! Some of these spells aren't even in LISTSPLL.2DA which breaks things.


I'm a bit torn on exactly what to do. I'd like mutate_cre to still do some heavy lifting, so one thought I had was to make a predefined "spell table build-up" chart for each class (RGR,BRD,DRD,PAL,SOR,WIZ,etc). This might have you add the same spell more than once when you get more slots at a given level. What I'm not sure about is if the CRE's scripts will make use of these spells anyway. So I need to look into this.


Another thing I've thought about is that a CRE could have a spec for it's stats, classes, levels, spell-book, etc. These could then override whatever mutate_cre would try to do.


One thing I haven't checked is to see how a cleric is converted (how is the domain and type picked, just based on alignment?) It would probably be best if this stuff was specified outside of the code (i.e. by a rules file).

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Guest Guest_Michael_*


Hmm, i only have a really very rough guess of what your talking about, but i sincerly hope you find a relatively easy approach, im waiting for this mod so i wish you well on doing it.


Thanks for the progress report so i know its still being worked on.

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My apologies for dropping out for so long. I'm hoping I'll be able to pick things up again.


I don't have anything even close to testable, but when I do I'll try to make it available to anyone who's excited about this :hm:


Ooh, MOAN! You've been working with this for over half a year, right? :) Maybe I should check back in january 2008?

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Ooh, MOAN! You've been working with this for over half a year, right? :hm: Maybe I should check back in january 2008?


Ahhh, the joys of working through tough rebuilding/reverse engineering of code, for hours and days, wih no reimbursement except the joy of burning eyes and carpal tunnel syndrome... :)


Yep, awesome to see you back, FSR. Guest, it is probably correct to head back here in January 2008. It may take years to build this project, and more time to test it. That is a measure of how difficult it is both to take RL time, and to reverse engineer stuff. GemRB is a full build, and has been in development for a good deal of time. Just a "regular" mod can take over 2 years to get rolling, and that doesn't involve a 10th of what this is doing!

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I have some good news. I'm back in the saddle again. I actually found a pretty serious bug I left in the code from the last time I was tinkering with it (has to do with sizes and offsets).


I'll try to keep adding notes here as I make progress. I'm hoping I can release something to some very patient, tolerant and energetic beta testers who don't expect anything to work and are willing to help me debug things. Believe me, that is asking a lot! :)


...but I'm not there yet I'm afraid. I'll put a sticky note for this when I'm a bit closer so people can add themselves to the list for anyone wanting to do this. :hm:



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Okay, I do have an update.


The whole Easthaven part seems to work with a few minor problems. I figured out how to get the starting are changed (pretty easy, it's just in STARTARE.2DA and maybe STARTPOS.2DA). So I played through almost all of Easthaven from the opening dialog with Hrothgar and a new party.


But unfortunately there's still a ton to do. I haven't had any spell casters yet and those are going to be a problem.


Still, things are looking promising.

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