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Drizzt & Companions of the Hall


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With all the mods, tweaks and fixpacks we install, it is hard to determine where to put this.


Alright - RA Salvatore's Bruenor Battlehammer wields an axe. But in the SOA encounter with the group they are searching for Bruenor's missing 'hammer'. One of the mods, and I can't remember which, does a word change for 'Night Knives' to 'Night Masks' to fit in with the canon. I think it would be appropriate to change Bruenor's 'hammer' to 'axe'. The only one of the Companions of the Hall who wields a war hammer is Wulfgar, and he doesn't lose AegisFang in the game.

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You'd need to re-tool the whole dialogue for this.  Breunor still has his axe.

But he talks about a 'pink hammer', and according to canon Bruenor favors the axe.


Someone fixed something similar in one of the mods - whether it was a fixpack or tweak managed to do the same for the reference to "Night Knives" and changed it to "Night Masks" to fit into the RA Salvatore canon. What I was suggesting was a one word change in that particular dialog section which only happens once in game when CHARNAME and party first encounter Drizzt, Bruenor, Wulfgar, Catti-Brie and Regis after they finish their encounter with Elhan and before they encounter Bodhi for the final battle.

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As an aside--The Night Knives also exist in PnP as a Sembian guild, although they were only mentioned in a few novels (and were pretty destroyed in them). Plus I think BGII might predate the novels slightly... but yeah, Night Masks is a much more reasonable replacement.

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The Night Knives also exist in PnP as a Sembian guild

Not being familar with PnP, but always on the lookout for new fantasy stories to read in the FW canon, can you recommend an author or title on this guild?


Way off-topic - very disappointed in the new RA Salvatore 'SellSword" series w/Jarlaxle and Artemis Entreri.

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Cadderly, from the Cleric Quintet, is in BG1

Now THIS is interesting. I don't think I've ever come across him in the unmodded BG1 or TuTu version. I've read the Cleric Quintet and don't recall him being in any Temple of Oghma, Deneir or Ilmater

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He approaches you when you re-enter Candlekeep.
Then I don't know why I missed him. Alright, finishing up a beta test for an SOA mod and am going to go back to BG1 Tutu in a week or so and I'll keep an eye out. After reading the Cleric Quintet it will be interesting to see what Bioware did with him.
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