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I like Imoen, and had never thought about her this way -- and I just about burst laughing. Talk about the other side of the coin! I suddenly had this picture of the ultimate annoying kid sister, and walking her on point through the FireSwamp -- "No no, Immy, it's ok -- there is no such thing as ROUS's -- you go on ahead. We're right behind you - (ok, Edwin, get that fireball spell ready - and... NOW!") ffffssssssssSSSSSSHHH BAM!

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Heheheh. Alas, such is the sad truth...


(One difference between "Getting rid of Anomen" and "Getting rid of Imoen" is that the former is much, much easier. I wish the latter was... like


Chapter 1.

PC: Imoen, I am here to help you. But you have to listen to me and do exactly what I say.

Imoen: Gotcha.

PC: Really?

Imoen: Really.

PC: Really, really promise?

Imoen: Uh-huh.

PC: Okay. So: you don't use ANY spells on super-powerful mages, you get a life that DOESN'T include me, and you're certainly NOT my sister.

Imoen: ...

Imoen: I promised, didn't I?


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