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Chat-Up Lines

Grim Squeaker

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I have three birthday parties to go to this week, so some of the lines might get an outing.


I can't promise anything, though. :D

Have you used the pirate one yet?

Top of my list. :D


Bri: If you lot don't hear from me for over a month, know that I passed on to a Better Place. :D

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Heroes and heartbrakers, a quest(ionable) mini-mod soon near you.


Anomen had to sleep with Gorf twice, since his type is not good at holding back and wouldn't take 'well maybe not right now' for an answer.

time for an anomen/gorf slash...


mazzy: Well yon cretin, i hope you learned your lesson...


bubbles rips off her mask, to reveal a masculine face, with a horrifying beard and mustache...


anomen: gorf honey, are you ok???


gorf: urm...bubbles??? what happened???


anomen: Why that mean old butch midget cheated and whacked you good, honey...


(the rest is just plain...too sick to write...) :D:D:D:D:D

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andy's in depth review of the chat up lines


Any grammar errors are not my falut being mostly due to beer.


The love pirate line succeeded in phone number acquisition, but I forgot the rest.


More updates later in the week maybe stay tuned... :D:D:D:D

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