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Tutu Tweak Pack Suggestions


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Well, perhaps there's not a way to do this easily via a mod, but is it possible to restore the old BG1 loading screens? (The ones that looked like drawings).


I know that in the past, glitches caused by something or other have caused these to show up in BG2 games for myself and others. The files must exist, but I'm not exactly sure how to get them to show up...

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Oh, another one I just thought of...


On the Friendly Arm Inn map, perhaps a map marker could be added for Joia's house?


In Beregost: Kagain's place of business, Mirianne's home and Firebead Elvenhair's home.


If it's a lot of work to add these suckers, don't worry about it--just a suggestion. :D

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Map markers are nice and easy. If you could provide coordinates and the map name it would be even easier. :D


I've been considering trying to re-make the entire interface with BG1 buttone in addition to the loading screens. Unfortunately, I don't think there are any tools available to edit CHU files.

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Sure, I'll try to get all the map marker information. I've not made it to Nashkel yet (much less Baldur's Gate or Ulgoth's Beard), but I will keep a running log.


As for the CHU editor--I could be wrong, but I seem to recall Bardez saying he had created one while working on BGT. I've no idea where it can be downloaded, however. :D

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Thanks igi. Sim mentioned it to me as well and I had been meaning to check it out.



I remembered why I didn't add those map markers. I was trying to avoid "meta-gaming" markers; i.e. you should have no idea who Marianne, Joia or Kagain are (or where they would be) until you actually enter the buildings. The spots in town that are marked have an "info" spot nearby (i.e. the sign for the Burning Wizard) so the player would already know.

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Yeah, that makes sense. They weren't all added in BG2, either. I was thinking of the large estates in the Government district, but you already marked the large manors in Beregost and Nashkel.


I'll keep my eye out, though, for any significant locations that might be missing, such as temples and stores, etc.


The quelling of the "you must gather your party..." would be great, though. :D

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OK, I don't see any markers that need to be set in Nashkel or the Friendly Arm Inn. In Beregost, the only one I could see that might be helpful (especially since the door is hidden, kinda sorta) is Kagain's mercenary shop (not sure of its "official" name).


FW3300, mouse marker 1631x2092, tile square (not sure what this is...) 25x32


I'm playing rather slowly, so it may be awhile before I make it to Ulgoth's Beard or Baldur's Gate.

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Kagain's shop is a must, since this hidden door isn't even easy to discover. :D


In BG it would be a spoiler to have the names, since part of the fun is stumbling into houses to search for the right places to encounter thieves and ghouls and everything. So it should only have markers after aou have at least visited each area of Bg once. Places like the Soundries or Elfsong and the Merchant League would be widely known, but the Thieves guild should never get one IMHO. They are not the ST in Amn and would not make their presence known. I think I lost track of the meta-game idea behind the markers... so, sue me. :D

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But why would Kagain's shop have a marker when none of the other Beregost buildings have one?

And also because it's a "common room" for mercenaries, and any commoner wandering the streets would conceivably see a party of armed adventurers, put two and two together, and ask if they'd like to be directed to a place where they could get a job (which would hopefully get them out of town).


While we're discussing map markers, any chance of removing the more "meta-gaming" ones in BG2 (such as Cernd's former home, Fennecia's home, Borinall's home, and the Guarded Compound)? I'd also like to see the "Western Tunnels" marker in the Underdark moved a bit, so exploring the area will actually reveal the marker.

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