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Extra-sepcial bizarre behavior


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Dream script starts LT just fine, LT goes normally, then ends. Immediately afterward, an Imoen/Ajantis banter fires :) and the party completely fails to rest.


After manually clicking the rest key (hardly tragic, but annoying), skeletons interrupt sleep. Clicking the rest button *again* produces the expected morning after talk.


Don't know why that banter would fire after a night-talk, and then rest would be aborted.




Edit: reloaded from auto-save, no banter, but no rest. Why not?

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I'm trying to remember... it must be *somewhere* in the workroom... we had this problem with the resting talks happening after by a cycle, especially after dreams. I will keep searching, but if Domi or Kulyok (or Jastey) see this, they will probably remember -

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This sounds like the bug Meira reported in this thread:

The Dynaheir - Minsc banter where Dynaheir agrees to tell Boo a bedtime story about the Princess Sunflower Seed seems to lack the RestParty().

But I assume it's something different since this is a recent catch. Though I noticed something exactly like this happening in another banter involving Branwen. I'll probably have to play through with her in the party again to figure out where that was since it happened a while ago.

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Fixed it locally, although possibly not optimally. Jastey had a similar problem with a banter in an unrelated NPC mod, and had to insert a rest party at the end of it to get the party to rest. No big deal throwing in a DO ~RestParty()~ at the dialog exit. Worst thing that happens: party rests twice. Oh, horrors. My party healed more.

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No big deal throwing in a DO ~RestParty()~ at the dialog exit. Worst thing that happens: party rests twice.


That won't happen. When a talk fires from a dream script it complete overrides the rest, so if you still want a rest at the end you have to use RestParty().

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