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Nov 14 - CamDawg


I saw this on the DLTC site, and thought it might be a good way to promote the illusion that I'm working. It has the added bonus of being entertaining as well, on par with Vogon poetry.


Started making a list of stuff still left to do. Bad idea, very discouraging. Got a beer; list looks better.

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Nov 16 - CamDawg


After a lazy Saturday in San Francisco, buckled down and got some work done today. Discovered the nuances, wonder, and beauty of state weighting while muttering and growling, trying to debug my dialogue files. Banters for three NPC's are coded and working, just eclipsing the 300 mark for lines of dialogue.

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Nov - 17 Bri


Trying to get over this cold.  The worst of the sinus pressure is gone, but now have a slight cough.  Got some stronger medicine, but if it goes further, will see the doc since I had bronchitis develop, and that never goes away.  Too dry and chilly to fight it, or else got it from going to school.


Plans are to do Viconia next.  I know what I want to say, I just now have to put it down, but thankfully, the only hard one to write for was Cernd.


Why would the guy with my favorite picture for a male have to be so dull?


Things to do:  Viconia banters, Nalia banters, joining/leaving dialogues, work on item descriptions and plans, any possible spells, last 3-4 howls, story arc dialogues, and romance tracks.

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*waves a howdy at Camdawg*


I've taken note of possible interjections on the stuff you mentioned, for the banters you coded, and I will get to them.  Thanks for the assist.


Between this damn cold, a slight break from dialogue banters, and homework, I know I've been a bit quiescent on that front, but I will attend to it in a short time.

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Nov 18 - CamDawg


Knocked down banters for two more NPCs. Realized that of all of the banters coded so far only one of the characters is currently in my playtesting party. :D I'll post a screenshot of a working banter when I get the chance.


Got tired of typing @, = and ~, so I coded s'more scripts for Delainy and worked on compatibility with Weimer's shapeshifter rebalancing. Fixed bugs in the last alpha build.


Plans are still to finish coding banters.


@Bri :D

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Nov. 19, 2003


Viconia dialogues are finished (I may do one more), only Nalia to go.  Will get them done tonight/tomorrow.


Will work on item descriptions and what howls I wish to include.  I will pare them down so as not to make Delainy too uber-twinkish.

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Nov 20 - CamDawg


Woo hoo! :D


Officially passed the halfway mark with NPC banters; eight NPCs have been coded. Finalized and implemented changes to the Belladonna item. Updated to WeiDU v141, stuck it in a box and called it Alpha v3.


"Encouraged" Bri to reduce a 56-continue banter with Keldorn. :D

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Pruned the infamous Keldorn dialogue in half.  May have to do more gelding.


Whacked Aerie's in half as well, but may have to do more as well.


Felt like I was hacking and slashing ;-)


Will work on Nalia later, then NPC interjections on done Del-NPC banters...then possibly any Del interjections on established banters.

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Finished the last core banter for Shadows of Amn (I hope).


Now, to work on other NPC interjections with the banters (and possible Nalia ones on others that are already with the BioWare ones).


Of course, must make sure that Del is able to dig up Hoffa...

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Didn't find Jimmy Hoffa, but I can now say unequivocally that Elvis is dead.


Onto more serious matters, I will work on NPC interjections for the 76 completed Del-NPC banters, if they are appropriate.


Need to determine howls once and for all, the spear, the romance dialogues, and of course, the story arc and other encounters.


But...I may take this week off, as well, to recharge.  We'll see.

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Nov 24 - CamDawg


Polished off a few more NPCs worth of banters, including a massive Edwin song--definitely my fave banter so far. Added interjections and finalized two NPCs worth of banters. I have some free time over the Thanksgiving holiday; I'm hoping to get the last of the banters coded and begin work on the planned quests. Added s'more scripting, including Del's aversion to silver.

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*holds Elvis' skull up to her face*  "Alas, poor lad, I knew ye well, father of the Fair Folk"


More importantly, I will finish up the NPC interjections in Del's main NPC banters probably tomorrow (there isn't that much to be done now that the core is finished, but if not, it will be Wednesday).


Sorry if its cramping your style Cam.  Mentally, I do find myself needing a slight break (since when I go back to school next week...2 weeks, then finals).


To do also includes finishing up howls so that Del's final kit can be done, and work on her spear, as well as a few other goodies, like the Thunder Master 3000.

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