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Feb 6 - CamDawg


Bri has written ~270 interjections, and I'm through ~110 of them. I hope to have the interjections done by the end of the month (cross my fingers) so I can begin working on quest and romance dialogues.


Scrapped making Del compliant with Weimer's shapeshifter rebalancing after feedback from the playtesters, though Del is now fully compatible with the changes in aVENGER's Rogue Rebalancing.

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February 9, 2004


Not a whole lot to report on my end. I had a hectic last couple of weeks, overall, that didn't lend well to writing. And I am taking a slight break as well. As Cam mentioned earlier, almost all of the interjections are written. That primarily leaves the lovetalks as the last, big thing to write up. There are a few other extras like a restaurent type aside (and it will have things for the BioWare NPCs as well), and a few other goodies.

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Feb 21 - Cam


Random has been the buzzword of late. Delainy now randomly appears in one of six different Athkatla taverns, and will randomly return to one if she leaves the party. We're also randomizing a lot (but not all) of content, so the player can have a different playing experience with Delainy through multiple games.


Took off some time to work on some side projects: I coded a few builds of the Cleric Remix mod and my tweak pack as well as some other fun stuff. Time to start running with wolves again. :D

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Feb 24, 2004


Okay, this isn't much of an earth shattering announcement, but after almost a 2 month hiatus, I actually finished the fifth lovetalk (It is the sixth altogether, but 5 in order). Well, just need to add a few more lines, but it is done, and I am fairly sure I can finish the sixth one (the order, otherwise 7 altogether) today.


Additionally, as well as Del appearing in a random inn, I shall give her different songs for each. If possible, I will find some instrumental version of the music, otherwise I won't.

Edited by Bri
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March 1, 2004


Thanks to help with Bons, I shall start trying to decide what Del's music will be like, and incorporate it for a BG II format.


Work still continues on lovetalks, though I didn't get much more done last week.

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Mar 4 - Cam


Poor Bri is having some trouble with her ISP, so she'll likely only be online sporadically over the next few days. Luckily I have more than enough to keep me busy. :D


Most of the changes in the latest build (v0.2.2) have been 'under the hood' changes; mainly more efficient coding from the Cleric Remix builds and a few other tricks. While not nearly as sexy as content, it'll make the mod more likely to be backward and forward-compatible with other mods, as well as trimming down the download package.


The randomization has been implemented. Delainy will randomly spawn at one of the Athkatla inns (and have unique dialogue/poetry depending on where she is) and a lot of her content has been randomized so players can play with Delainy through a few different games with less repeating content.

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March 5, 2004


Well, it seems like every 2-3 months, for 2-3 days, my ISP won't connect to the net. Of course, I double check my modem and such, on the off chance it really is my computer, you know, but everything so far checks out just fine. After the 2-3 days passes, usually I can get on with no problem at all. Last night, I was even on for 3 times, before it cut out on me.


When it says, "Unable to establish a connection..." or "Connection rejected due to not having proper configuration..." that does lead me to grinding my teeth.


The main difference is that I called customer service to complain...and let's just say, if I had a baseball bat, I would have taken it to the phone.


That said, I do hope to get a major jump on stuff. The last two big sections are the lovetalks, and the main story hook we have planned. Minor things include the restaurent sequence, and doing a little fun thing with Surly in the Copper Coronet.


More progress should be forthcoming, since next week is only a couple of exams, and week after that is Spring Break..

Edited by Bri
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March 6, 2004


Slight update. It isn't my modem, and it isn't my ISP that is causing problems. The phone line itself is corrupted. It is very staticy when we try it with a regular phone.


So, we put the computer on the house's main line, and I can connect with no problem. Still not a good situation as that is why we got a second phone line, so communication may be limited to what I do at school until we get Qwest to get their line fixed.

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