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Dec 27 - CamDawg


The playtesters and Bri have been keeping me very busy. One more build is done, and a second one is nearing completion. I'm working on interjections into standard SoA quests and dialogues and coding the first of the love talks. Wrapped up a few details such as the self-healing script.

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January 2 - CamDawg


Happy New Year everyone!


Just wanted to drop in with a quick progress report. The playtesters continue to keep me busy, and Bri is making her muse work overtime.


Probably the biggest developments have come in terms of trying to balance Delainy and also bring her more inline with canon. She can no longer wear armor, but this is offset by giving her hybrid and wolf forms faster movement, slow regeneration, and immunity from normal weapons. We're also looking at increasing the potency of her spear--there are currently 17 variations of it.


Other than that, I've been trying to add content in between the bug fixes the playtesters (and Kish in particular) have been finding for me. We should finish the mod by Tuesday.







(Yes, I'm kidding about Tuesday)

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Jan 3


Nothing much new to report on my end.  I hope to finish regular interjections this weekend, then start back on lovetalks and work on the main story arc. (Yes, I have been using my break as a break, go figure ;-) ).


After that, if my mind doesn't turn into protoplasmic goo, I will then see about what, if anything, to integrate Delainy into other existant NPC conversations.


Tuesday, Cam?  I thought we agree to push it back till Friday until we could guarantee complete domination of Andorra...

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Jan 05 - 2004


Good thing I didn't resolve to finish interjections as my New Year's Resolution :D


More seriously, all that is left for interjections is the Planar Sphere, Brynnlaw, Underdark, and possibly Suldanesslar.  Oh yes, the Limited Wish Quest (once I play through it and see if there is anything pertinent for Del to add).


Yes, the Shark City is done as well :D

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Jan 10 - CamDawg


Three more builds since the last entry... Bri is writing copious amounts of interjectiosn which is keeping me more than busy.


The biggest addition in the latest release is a small event at the circus... the PC will have the opportunity to win a prize for their beau, which can involve any of the romances you may have in progress (it's not Delainy/Durlyle specific).


The topline spear upgrades (all 12) have received powerups and some compatibility issues have been fixed.

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Jan 10


I should finish all the Interjections today.  Yes, as Camdawg said, there are a lot done, but more to get through.  I need to finish whether you ally with the Shadow Thieves or Bodhi, Brynnlaw, Asylum, Underdark, Suldanesslar, as well as stronghold quests.


However, unlike the last few days, I should have time today.  It seemed like I've been doing more stuff at home as it came up than when I was in school.


And yes, Camdawg has been doing an awesome job :D

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Okay, interjections for siding with Bodhi, or with the Shadow Thieves are done.  I really should know better than to say, "I will finish with all this stuff by such and such a date."


Heh, that leaves Brynnlaw, Underdark, and Suldensslar, as well as stronghold quests, if pertinent.

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Jan 13 CamDawg


Spent the weekend split between working on non-Delainy stuff (converted some old kits over at SP into WeiDU format) and the NFL playoffs. I can't remember a better weekend of playoff football.


Bri already buried me with interjections, and now she's just piling on. :D

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I was unable to create more of an avalanche of Interjections today.  Had to get a new ignition switch for my car, and tomorrow I go get it replaced.  Anyways, I did finish the Brynnlaw ones last night, and will get to work on the Asylum, and the Underdark (Ust Natha) next.  That leaves Suldensslar, and the various Stronghold quest material as well.  


Which will then leave, on the writing end, finishing lovetalks (I took a slight break from them), and a large quest that won't require the presence of Del.

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Nothing much to say other than that I think I've finished the Underdark/Ust Natha interjections.  This leaves Suldenesslar and stronghold interjections.


If it doesn't seem like progress is being made, ask the playtesters, or such, for it is :D

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Working on more interjections, finished the Cleric one.  There are all of three (and two depend on whether you are a Lathanderite or a Talosian at the end of the last quest)


The reason is that most of the quests are just a matter of the MainChar giving advice...however, this means in Faerun, even if the game doesn't show it, it is primarily the MainChar sequestered away with some NPC.  Obviously, nothing for anyone to remark on there.


Of course, this then brings up the idea of who would be insane enough to confess anything to an admittedly evil church like the Talosians...


Also finished:

Fighter/Monk/Barbarian stronghold, Mage Stronghold

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Except for a special few instances, and lovetalks, I think interjections are done for SoA.


This leaves one big plot that doesn't require Del in the party, and the romance.


Heh, Watcher's Keep will have to be for ToB...

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Jan 26 - CD


Currently prepping v0.2.0 for release. Most of the last few releases have been content and bugfix releases; the next one will include full compatibility with aVENGER's Rogue Rebalancing and Weimer's Shapeshifter Rebalancing.


Also added artwork for the new items added by the mod. I'm hoping to get some new screenies up soon for everyone.

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