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Nothing as monumental as the NPC banters in general, I have gotten a few things done.


One is a rather nifty description in my opinion for an item in one of the random encounters.


Have added 3rd person interjections to the following dialogues to date:


Haer Dalis', Cernd, Viconia, Imoen, Minsc, Valygar, Edwin, Korgan, Keldorn, Yoshimo.

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Cam, it is a major milestone.  I mean, you realize, even without the romance tracks, or the subplots or the random encounters, Del would be a fully functioning NPC?  Sounds fairly good in my book


I will try to send you the music later this week (after Turkey day :D ).


Still need to figure out the soundset and what I wish to have it say...and get a hold of Jessayla for the vocalization.


Aerie, Nalia, Mazzy, Jaheira third party interjections added.

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Ugh, I almost wish we had let that turkey fly away before deciding to carve it up.  


Anyways what I have been doing:


Delainy's Howls have been written up, and are balanced.  They add flavor, but they don't make her a major twinky.


Finished Jan's 3rd party Interjections, and Anomen's third party Interjections.  I might have been able to do better with the NPC's, but it isn't to bad.


To do:

Write out Soundsets, transfer music to Camdawg (I have two pieces), write dialogues for Random Encounters, other Interjections (whether to random bystanders or for quess), then romance dialogues (as well as the story arc that can be played without Delainy, for those who don't wish to have her in their party)

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Nov 28 - CamDawg


Had a great Thanksgiving--easily my favorite holiday. Now that it's passed I can finally stop being mad at all the Christmas decorations that have been up... since Halloween. :D :D


Currently working on ~25-30 quest-related creatures. Coded in the finalized howls and a few items. I have an idea to fix the whole shapeshifter/disspellable paws problem and may consider adding it as a separate component to the mod if there is sufficient interest (and I can get it to work to my satisfaction).


I'm hoping to have the three mini-quests of the mod coded in by Sunday along with the final additions to the NPC banters.

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Nov 30 - CamDawg


New otaku DVDs kept me away from the mod for more time than I anticipated (but they were sooo good). Spent the remainder of the weekend coding quest-related goodies. The three "mini-quests" are essentially finished. Didn't get around to the third-party interjections since I needed a break from dialogue for a bit. Found and corrected some minor bugs. Delainy was a helluva pickpocket--for a wolf.


Actually managed to play a bit of SoA for fun, not related to playtesting. (Well, kinda. Delainy's in the party :D ) First time I've gotten to do that in a while. I'm hoping to wrap up some more items and knock out some work on the major quest before Bri starts burying me with lovetalks.


Ugh, I have to work tomorrow?

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This could be titled odds'n'ends.


Heh, what DVD's did you watch Camdawg?  Maybe I will go rent them since you liked them.


Cool on the Mini-quests.  I know, I said I would get the dialogues written up for them, but let's just say my mind rebelled and decided that it was best for me to enjoy what was left of the break.  I will try to get them done later today.  I was also going over the idea for a fourth random encounter, but that is just very tentative (I did mention it in the work section slightly), but no major rush.


And yes, taking a break from coding with SoA to actually play it is good if you don't want to burn out.  


*ponders a werewolf pickpocket*  Sticks her nose in your crotch in human form, and lifts your wallet?


But yes, I intend to finish the lovetalks this month (alogn with incidental interjections non-NPC related) later.


Now some of you may have seen this at FWStudios, and I probably should address it:


What can I say, I do understand the real life business bit.  Between going to college full time, matters in my personal life (such as my cousins having to live with us, one of whom is seven), and other stuff, I do realize how seductive just being online in general can be.


That's why, after I finish up writing for Del (half done for SoA, and ToB won't take that long, since its much shorter), and since the Tashia upgrades (at least all I can do at the moment) I will be amscraying from any type of mod writing myself (except maybe bits and pieces).


Heh, I do have to graduate after all...and get my social life back in gear ;-)


This by no way means I'm leaving, just that after Del is done (both SoA and ToB), and with Camdawg's excellent help, its going much faster than even I thought possible, as well as seeing the Tashia upgrades through, I will be spending a bit less time online I think.  As it is, I'm taking it a bit easier now, just to keep some balance, perspective in my life.

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My wife and I are big Rouroni Kenshin (aka Samurai X) fans so we've been vigorously expanding our collection. Between my b-day and Christmas we'll probably have most if not all of the collection by the end of the month. :D We also nabbed the expanded Fellowship of the Rings DVD, which is approximately 418 times longer than the theater version.

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Ooh, Rouroni Kenshin!  Cool.  I catch it every chance I get on the Cartoon Network (yes, I realize its been edited, and everything, but that version isn't bad).


Heh, I will just wait on the Lord of the Rings until the third one is released next year, and all are sold together.  I admit when I got the first one, and then found the advertisment on it for an "unedited" version in 2 months for an extra half-hour...and I couldn't take my original back, I was pissed, and gave my Fellowship of the Rings to another person.

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Finished the three random encounter banters (tentatively).  Much longer to write than people expect.  The first was a little over 4 pages, the second was 3.  This doesn't mean it will all show up, since it is a branching dialogue, and it was the various trees that make the length.

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Dec 4 - CamDawg


New dogs can learn new tricks. Spent most of the last four days recoding a lot of existing dialogues with some shortcuts and better triggers. Now that some quest stuff is coded, some quest stuff bugs are coded as well. Spent a lot of time actively trying to break the scripts, and I've been rather successful so far. :D

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Dec - 5


I have a firm idea in mind for the first 6-7 lovetalks, what will be tentatively called the "friendship stage" and will get cracking on them shortly.


Finished the description for another item.


Also wrote (barring further suggestions, edits, etc. and) the dialogue for the soundsets.

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Dec 6


First lovetalk is written (barring further suggestions and such), so that part of the project is definitely underway.


I think I may have mentioned this before, but if not, I decided to only do one main track rather than two simultaneous tracks.  It is still planned to allow same-sex romance at the player's discretion, though.


On another note, fewer love talks will be displayed.  I mean, with 76 NPC banters, portraying 1 per NPC still means that a good 60 banters are unrevealed (yeah, I know there was a bonus Jan one shown, so make it 59).  That still leaves a good 75% as a surprise for each NPC.


Entirely finished the written portion of the soundsets I still need to send the two songs to coincide with the lovetalks, and I will do that in the next week or so.


Still need to finish deciding what path Del's spear will do, lovetalks (obviously), and then flirts.  

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Dec 7 - CamDawg


I was hoping to have the next milestone alpha out today, but I've run out of time. Spent the first part of the weekend changing my ToB install into SoA for compatibility testing since I suspected one of my spell effects was ToB-only. Confirmed and fixed.


Third party interjections are almost complete (four more NPCs to go) and the third mini-quest still needs some debugging and testing. I especially need to get this done before Bri starts burying me with love talks. :D


At Grim's suggestion I coded a love talk accelerator component that would decrease intervals between love talks for those that like to play BG2 quickly. "Four lines of code" suggestions are always welcome. :D

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Dec 9 - CamDawg


Next major milestone passed. Fortunately I can't count and I had fewer NPCs to finish than I had thought. NPC banters are now done and weighing in around 1400 lines and 30k words, including several original poems and songs. Bri's been a busy girl!


The three mini-quests are done, though I'm still making some tweaks. I am comfortable saying the mini-quests and NPC banters have reached 'beta' stage.

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