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May 13, 2004


Finished two lovetalks, tentatively 19A and 19B yesterday, barring cleaning them up. I will put up a new Lovetalk for display around 24 or 25, but at this moment there are 4 up which is a good 20% of the ones completed :rant:

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May 20, 2004


In a display of his Mad Programming Skillz, Camdawg has got quite a bit done, and the screenshots have been put up to prove it.


Now if only I can catch up with my writing ;-)


On my end, nothing drastic to report other than getting some more writtenn on joining and leaving dialogues if you are in romance with Del, as well as trying to work on an apologist lovetalk...

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May 29, 2004


Sorry for not having another bit public for those who follow. I have been a little under the weather due to a cold, so new progress has been non-existent.


However, I have got three lovetalks (including the last two mentioned on the 24th) that take place in Brynnlaw/Underdark after certain events if the romance is that far along. If it isn't, though, it doesn't screw with the romance.

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June 4


Knocked down another 4 or 5 love talks, as well as coded up a lot of ancillary romance material. We passed the 50K word mark somewhere in there as well. :suspect:


My wife and I are moving in early August, so I'm really trying to push and get a lot of coding done before the move, as I'll likely be offline for a bit.

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June 4, 2004


Finished a lovetalk a couple days ago bringing it to 22 core lovetalks. Most of what I see as core material is almost done, though from previous updates, there are other material I hope to get soon.


I haven't done much between the last update since I was ill, but completely good now.


And spent time on family stuff the last couple of days (such as catching Harry Potter 3)


Now, just hope Camdawg isn't ready to strangle me with the amount of material... ;-)

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Distracted by shiny objects and didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted since the last entry. We're in the process of adding some 'floating lovetalks' in an effort to make the romance much less linear. Otherwise, I've been coding in more love talks and squashing a few more bugs.

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June 15, 2004


Got one big lovetalk done last night. Working on another today, the first of a wolf-form lovetalks.


These will be some floating lovetalks, and will be usable for those able to don wolf form. So, druids are set...and having the Cloak of Wolves would be a good idea (we will probably make it available for sale as well)


There will only be 2-3 more core lovetalks to finish.


That leaves class specific and race specific lovetalks (those who saw my Tashia saw I did one lovetalk per PC class...and I hope to duplicate that).


And the restaurent and lovetalks to go with that (and incorporate the BioWare 4 with it).


Other than that, I think that will be all for lovetalks. Still more writing to do, like with the BioWare NPCs interrupting the lovetalks of other individuals, and I hope to get that done.


And don't let Cam fool you, he has done a heck of a job, and is worthy of accolades.

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