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June 29, 2004


2 weeks since my last update, and I don't really have much to report. Real life decided to intrude once more, but I think the majority of it is handled. Needless to say, by the time I got done, I didn't feel like writing. Hopefully July should prove much better.


And Cam, I didn't know you could fold a person into such a small package. You were right, the Czech was in the mail...the Chainmail...

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And Cam, I didn't know you could fold a person into such a small package.  You were right, the Czech was in the mail...the Chainmail...

My, aren't we "punny" today... OK and don't fire at Will either.. ;);)

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June 30


Getting into the heart of the Love Talks--the core romance track is about halfway coded, though there are still a lot of extras beyond that. And the testing, always the testing. ;) From a coding perspective, I'd say we're around the midpoint overall.

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July 1, 2004


Tentatively got some writing done for romance influenced Tree of Life, Phaere, Waking up in Hell, and Confront Irenicus.


Also, going back and tweaking some aspects of past lovetalks in writing due to an excellent suggestion by Camdawg.


By and large, the majority of writing is done.

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July 6, 2004


There is still a lot to do (such as editing, tweaking, etc.), but the good news is that there are only 5 new lovetalks left to write for.


Made the decision not to do an individual lovetalk for each specific class. However, there is still more than enough material to go around.

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July 25, 2004


Nothing much to report, but I did get two banters done for Throne of Bhaal yesterday. I still have material for Shadows of Amn to finish, of course, but when inspiration strikes...anyways, I hope to get at least a guaranteed 2 banters per NPC done in ToB (as it is less than half the amount of time to complete than SoA there is less call to write). I also hope to get some banters with Del and some of the other NPCs where they comment on her relationship with the Bhaalspawn (if pertinent, of course). One of the two was with Jaheira...working on a Viconia and Edwin now.

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Aug 7


My wife and I have completed our move to North Carolina. One of the cats, tramautized from 12 hours in his carrier for the flight out, has decided to live on top the fridge and glare at us until, apparently, the end of time. This was after he decided to explore the fireplace and leave sooty paw prints all over the new place.


We still need to unpack, get furniture, etc. but I should be able to resume work on the mod soon.

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August 14, 2004


Wrote a new Haer Dalis' banter to put some variation in the way his banters turned out.


Will start to work on the final lovetalks; still leaves flirts, restaurant, and main story arc.


After writing is done, and such then we will go looking for a voice actress, and finalize music as well.


Finally, do have my personal favorite picture for Del.


Edited by Bri
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August 23, 2004


Well, what to talk about. School has started, and believe it or not, I finally have some time to focus on this.


It is safe to say that there are 20 core lovetalks (technically 21, but 2 are alternate dialogues) in the path now, though a fair number of floating ones as well.


Not a whole lot to report, except we are now implementing an 'Indifference Meter'. Some of the responses allow the PC to bypass them dialogue without a fight, but it doesn't end the romance, while others allow the PC to be diffident in conversation. Too much of these can also spell the end of the romance, though.


Also, we are revamping the Belladonna idea. Delainy will still have it, and it will still have a role in the romance, but we decided not to have it become another magical item.

Edited by Bri
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September 13, 2004


More firewall problems with my computer. At least it isn't any sort of virus on my computer, or what have you at the moment, but it is very frustrating. Searching definitely made me realize how much little choice there is in the way of Firewall and Antivirus. One thing I did learn was never trust Computer Associates ezArmor...they don't give a refund if you bought their damn product retail.


And it's starting to sound like a refrain, but I still have the same three bits to do: Restaurant, Story Arc, and Flirts. If nothing else, I will get it done at home, and load it up at school until matters are resolved. All I know is that this is getting old fast.

Edited by Bri
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