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Voicing Ogrillon NPC


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A halforc has access to the Orc pantheon.


Also in LoI we were planning Ogrillons, half-ogres, half-orogs and the like so they might also get access.

Yeah yeah yeah! Ogrillons! I smell a sound pack for Ogrillon PC's. Using the standard Ogrillon voices in BG would be cool, but I reckon I could make a full sound pack. :D "Time for some carnage!" "You mess with me, you mess with you!"

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I have a few ogre sample sounds, not a complete set yet though. I'll only do it if an ogre/ogrillon will definitely be used in the mod. Better to have the character created, coded, and whatever before sound is added. Because, if the idea for an ogre/ogrillon is nixed in the end, then my time spent recording would be wasted.

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When the time comes, I'll voice the ogre/ogrillon NPC, if no one else volunteers. I doubt I'll have time to write any lines for the character though. Therefore, whoever is writing him can feel free to forward the lines on to me for voicing.

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