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Voicing Ogrillon NPC


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Guest Ventura

Somewhat off-topic question about the half-ogre subrace:


In one of the Dragonlance books, one of the Twins Trilogy, if I remember correctly, Raistlin and his brother encounter a half-ogre. Dude is so big he can actually dual-wield a pair of two-handed swords.


Any chance to be able to do that with a half-ogre PC/NPC in this mod?


C'mon, you know Liricor always wanted to be dual-wielded...

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I finally got aound to listening to the samples, and they're great! I'd have to say he sounds more like an ogrillon employed as a London gangster than an ex-pirate ;).


Obviously Stinky_Ogre will have final approval on these because it's his NPC, but they've certainly got my vote ;).

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I agree, the sound set is quite nice. Good work, Grim. ;) I also agree that it sounds like a pirate. More specifically, Lee Arenberg's character, Pintel, from Pirates of the Caribbean.


If Stinky_Ogre approves this, and I don't see why he wouldn't, then it'll save me the trouble of recording an ogre sound set. ;)

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Yes, there is a 'london gangsta' vibe going on there. Mainly coz I copied the voice of an orc in The Two Towers ('What 'bout there legs? They don't need those...') who has a london gangsta thing going on with his accent... I then pitch shifted the voice.

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