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New Screenshots - Love Talks


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I've played it several ways. I've gone through the villiage and killed just about everyone. I've blundered about and killed about half of them (my first run through ToSC ever). And finally, a handful of times, I've tried to kill as few of them as possible. If I ever play again I might try to get through that portion without killing *any* of them. That would be a real challenge.

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Well Rathwellin, you do have to kill some werewolves at the end to get the cure for the lycanthropy they infected you with. That part is pretty much forced onto you.


And Grim, for the lovetalks, that is pretty much the style I've been using. There was a debate way back when Del was starting, and I hewed to this style with some slight adjustments.

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It's nice to see Delainy coming to life! The only thing that strikes me as odd about the dialogs shown here is situations where references to Delainy are repeated immediately, such as:


Delainy- Delainy's emerald green eyes...


Delainy- Delainy's eyes glitter...


Delainy- She chuckles...


Delainy- Delainy laughs...


When I was in school, we were taught that saying things like "My dad, he watches tv." was equivalent to saying "My dad, my dad watches tv." So the above text kinda bugs me, even with the first occurrence of Delainy's name shown in red.


If I might offer some suggestions...


Delainy- As her emerald green eyes bore into yours, she says...


Delainy- For a moment, her eyes glitter as she is lost in remembrance. Then she says...


Delainy- (chuckles) "Of course...


Delainy- (laughs) "I suspect...


I know it's rather late in development to mention these things, but it's not like I've been able to keep up with all the discussions that have taken place, and I'm not a tester. So anyway, what do you think?

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I see what you guys mean. We have talked of it, and we may change it in the future. A lot of the part that was done was just direct action until we get it voiced, as well. So, if the line says "She chuckles" it may just disappear altogether. Any inconsistencies in that regard, though, is my fault.

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I wasn't trying to be overly critical, and I forgot about the voicing that may happen.  Perhaps some of it is just personal/regional style, too.  Ah well, nothing I can't deal with. ;)

No, the questions were legitimate questions, and I certainly didn't see them as overly critical. After all, that is what the forum is for.

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I look forward to Delainy gracing my party with her stories. ;)


With PST vs BG2 styles, I guess it depends whether you would rather the mod be immersive (which I think it is now, as the scenes read like a story), or cohesive with the rest of BG2.

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To clarify, I prefer the mix of PS:T and BG2 dialog styles that Bri is trying to use. My suggestions were merely for improved readability. Even if some of the dialog gets voiced later on, most of the non-vocal descriptions will still be required to help describe Delainy's reactions and feelings. Since not every line of dialog needs to have the scene described, the presence of BG2-style lines isn't a distraction. I think the mix of the two styles is a good idea. Sort of a best of both worlds approach.


I, too, can't wait to have Delainy in my party, though Bri already knows as much. Delainy has long been a favorite NPC of mine since TotSC came out. Having romances in BG2 did nothing to dim the memory of that female werewolf friend of mine back in BG1. I've read Bri's dialog suggestions for Tashia, and I'm glad she is the one writing Delainy's dialog. ;)

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PST style dialogues are not a problem to me, in fact I prefer PST's very informative dialogues. Playing PST was always like reading a good book - in my opinion, BG2 concentrates a little too much in battles (not nearly as much as BG1, though). So if Delainy has lots of dialogue, great! The more the better! ;)

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