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  1. Yeah, I, too, think a label for inns in cities and towns would be the most useful incarnation of an inn area type. If you want every possible place where you can rent a room, I don't think there are many enough to make it difficult to OR an AreaType check with a few AreaChecks (with the whole trigger being generated by TP2). Or, if there turns out to be a reason for adding an area type for non-inn resting places, that can be dealt with when the need arises.
  2. From what I could tell they were all unique, but most of them seemed hard to justify, so I hope there was some sort of mistake involved. Anyway, if no one objects to me doing the work I figure I'll (eventually) post FL_INN and FL_STRONGHOLD as stand-alone resources, complete with code for tagging areas and all that, so you can just include it in your mod if you want to use it. However, as I said, the current definition of FL_INN is pretty much any area where you can probably rent a bed, except ar2100. But the exact definition doesn't really matter to me (I only need something th
  3. CD_INN etc. were examples. I don't think that pillaging Cam's or Nythrun's namespace without their consent is a good idea. Yes, so, since I, to my knowledge, staked the first claim in this virgin territory I decree that the area type for inns be known as FL_INN and the area type for strongholds be known as FL_STRONGHOLD to all who don't mind cooperating and sharing. There are like 12 used SecTypes in vanilla BG2 (out of 254 or whatever the limit is before WRITE_BYTE fails), but just the other day I saw a msectype.2da that contained well over 200 unique SecTypes, so...
  4. Yeah, I only need a flag for inns and one for strongholds. That's true. Okay, so CD_INN (?) and FL_STRONGHOLD it is.
  5. If we want this to be cooperative, while avoiding redundancy, maybe an effort should be made to avoid prefixes altogether? You would want to avoid having a situation where non-prefixed labels would clash, anyway.
  6. Be my guest. A standardised way of adding rows to areatype.ids would be good if adding area types becomes more common.
  7. There's only (at best) 8 free flags on standard BG2, so space *is* at a premium. And you already have at least one irresponsible person (me) wanting to use one of those flags to tag a handful of areas. Besides, where would the list of fixed values be stored? Who would administrate it? Much like Miloch, I should add that the mod-added areas are inns in the sense there's a creature in the area whose dialogue file references a store that includes rooms in its services. They may not necessarily be located in a populated town, or be inns in a conventional sense. By comparison, the stand
  8. You should probably use something like this for adding the IDS entry: OUTER_SET CD_INN = IDS_OF_SYMBOL (areatype CD_INN) ACTION_IF CD_INN < 0 BEGIN //if the label CD_INN does not exist OUTER_FOR (power=8;power<16;++power) BEGIN OUTER_SET CD_INN = 2 ** power ACTION_IF !FILE_CONTAINS_EVALUATED (areatype.ids "^[ %TAB%]*%CD_INN%") BEGIN APPEND areatype.ids "%CD_INN% CD_INN" OUTER_SET power = 16 END END //maybe there should be something in here for the eventuality all flags have already been taken by non-CD_INN labels? END and then write the value to the area with WRITE_SH
  9. Well, the way I currently use bit 9 is not very conductive to a standardised system (since I don't bother with areatype.ids). It's also not using bit 9 as CD_INN, but more like CD_INN_OR_STRONGHOLD. If you guys want a way to detect inns with CD_INN (first unused bit in areatype.ids) I'll happily follow suit and use an analogous label for detecting strongholds. The code in aTweaks is in aTweaks/LIB/c115.tpa, which also includes a list of most, or possibly all, inn areas in BG1 and BG2, both standard and mod-added.
  10. The AreaType field is a word. I use AreaType(512) for detecting inn and stronghold areas in aTweaks. Prior to that I had some nice BWP people run scans for used values in the upper range. Aside from one area in Darkest Day (case of randomness, I'm pretty sure) [1] no areas seem to use high values. You can also use AddAreaType(512) etc. [1]And now, aTweaks, of course. But I don't stake any particular claims on bit 9.
  11. You can relatively easily make changes like this yourself. I've been meaning to post a detailed explanation for how to customise Item Randomiser, but I keep getting side-tracked. I'll see if I can't get it done sometime (before v7, at the very least ).
  12. That one is fixed by the latest hotfix. If you notice anything else, please mention it.
  13. I'll redirect some of the loot towards his chests. You can remove the gem with e.g. Shadow Keeper.
  14. Oops, I forgot to include the fixed .tra file. Will upload an updated hotfix momentarily. Hum, or not. Version 6.2 includes @1393 et al. so I can only assume something has gone awry on your end. Try re-extracting everything. And make sure you really do have v6.2. @1393 was added in 6.2, so if you're still on 6.1 you'd get this problem.
  15. Can reproduce. I'll update the hotfix as soon as I'm able.
  16. Could you email me any mod files you've customised, and the debug file, as well?
  17. Thank you. I'll try to look into it without too much delay.
  18. That's a consequence of another fix (people give you the correct item) but I suppose I can reverse it in this particular case, since mr. genie doesn't carry any other items. Can you post your weidu.log? And if you could upload the files "override/fl#randomseed.2da" and "override/fl#removeditems.2da" that would be great (assuming they exist, of course).
  19. Thank you. These issues should be fixed in version 6.2.
  20. Thank you. I'll see what I can do. It'd probably be all right so long as I make it clear the list is not comprehensive. There should be a random item in the FF compound. But I'll gladly listen to suggestions. There's no such thing as too many locations.
  21. I'm glad you are enjoying the mod. It should be up to date. I rebuilt it from scratch for v5. But I did fix a typo involving the Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy in v5 and it seems that was after I built the spoilers document (consequently it says a Light Crossbow +1 is taken from Dabron instead). Will fix. Thanks. The next version, or version 6.1 plus hotfix, will also be accurate with regards to the Large Shields, but quantitatively accounting for all items is difficult, since the exact numbers vary. Feel free to mention anything you think may be inaccurate. But at this point the sp
  22. That could happen if, for example, another mod increased the number of scrolls carried by e.g. a creature and that stack of scrolls was then randomised. It might be tricky fixing something like that. I'll give it some thought.
  23. Hi What you had there was no bug, however. Some stores in BG1 sell an awful lot of Large Shields +1 (2*5 in in tier 25). As of version 5, every item in the stack is randomised in these cases (previously they'd just be randomised as one item per stack, with the excess being lost). Because of this, there are more items in these tiers than there are locations and Item Randomiser balances this by increasing the number of locations by selecting randomly from the base pool of locations. But unless someone terribly minds I think I'll alter the stores so they don't sell excessively large stac
  24. Thank you. I'll have to correct that, somehow.
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