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  1. The version dated 171126 updates the compatibility checks for BG2 Tweak Pack to include Tweaks Anthology.
  2. Note that CREATE takes patches, so you can just write CREATE SPL ~QD_MC_01~ LPF ADD_SPELL_HEADER END
  3. To find the sectype you can just call ADD_SECTYPE again. There's no need to write new code for the task.
  4. I would be entirely unsurprised if bat files only worked with backslashes.
  5. As far as I know, there are no technical issues. Item Revisions moving items and whatnot is no problem. There might be the odd balance thing, if Item Revisions noticeably changes the power levels of some item compared how I have ranked it in Item Randomiser and if I haven't accounted for Item Revision's change. Say, if Item Revisions were to change the Ring of Efreeti(?) Summoning to be a good deal better, you could end up picking it off the corpse of some comparatively lowly enemy, even though, considering the power of the item, it would be more balanced if you were required to put in mor
  6. I did not want the scripts I wrote to particularly stand out from the ones already written, so running the SSL->BAF process at install-time was largely unnecessary. Yes, it's specific to aTweaks. It's my build script. It runs SSL with input file A, options B to generate BAF C, for all the SSL-sourced BAFs aTweaks needs.
  7. Packaging perl scripts in stand-alone executables is a total hassle. I run SSL locally and ship the resulting scripts. It's less adaptive, but much easier. You can't put your action definitions in your library file. The library file only takes TARGETs and TRIGGERs. Put them in an SSL file called actions.ssl or something and INCLUDE that where needed (this also allows you to group your definitions logically, say one definition file for scripts in bucket A and another for the same in bucket B).
  8. That is correct. Uncombined actions generate BAF like IF Trigger() THEN RESPONSE #such Action() RESPONSE #andsuch // Provided there is such a probability Continue() END A combined action considers all targets and Action()s on the highest-priority target available (or skips the whole thing, on the Continue() branch).
  9. There will a few more component names and probably some new dialogue for Cromwell. Maybe other things, I don't have this whole thing planned out. But feel free to submit you translation anyway. 99 % complete is better than none available.
  10. Thanks for the kind words. It's very belated, but green scrolls have been put on the to-do list (which at this rate, I guess, means they might one day, many years from now, may be randomised; but I promise I'll try to make an effort to do better). Valas Jae'llat is already accounted for. For the rest, I can only account for those I know of, and Firkraag by Revised Battles was not one of them. Most of the issues with Mode 1 are technical engine issues which have no (IMO) satisfactory solutions (or they'd be implemented already). The freeze/slow-down is one of those. It can be made les
  11. That's fine. The BGT variable within the function does not affect the environment outside the function. Regardless, I'll probably rename the "outer" variable into Trilogy or something, to reflect its wider use. The rest's been addressed in the version dated 170206.
  12. The version dated 170206 includes less experimental support for EET.
  13. Thanks for checking! I'll be back with a fixed version tomorrow (fingers crossed).
  14. See release thread. Sorry about the delay, my attention has been divided.
  15. The version dated 170205 includes experimental support for EET. It's experimental in the sense I think it should perhaps work, but don't have SoD and can't test it. If someone who has EET could give it a try and report back, that would be super.
  16. Feel free. I can't say I'm immediately sold on the idea. I can foresee several real or potential problems right off the bat, but such a mode would perhaps be feasible. I'm not in a good position to estimate how feasible it would be, or how much work it would entail, however.
  17. I have stuff left on my to-do list. I don't know about 100 %, though. It's been a while and I can't quite remember what kind of coverage the mod has now and how many items remain.
  18. The version dated 160228 fixes a few compatibility issues.
  19. The version dated 160110 introduces the following changes: Randomised potions are not assigned a lore value. Internal changes for fewer bugs. Mode 1 installs on modern Perl environments (only relevant for OS X and GNU/Linux). Add a new framework for allowing specific items and locations to have a unique chance of being included in the randomisation process. The feature is not yet in use. Layene gets a replacement weapon. Reorganise list files into a better-structured system. The Manual of Bodily Health is not randomised on the BG1 engine, due to technical limitations.
  20. This feature is now done. I'll be testing the rewritten code a while longer before I release a new WIP version. I know. As of some version, Perl is stricter about formatting. A fixed version will be included in the next release. Thanks for the report, all the same.
  21. Yes, assuming x1 is a valid tier, that would work as you suggest. There'd be nothing stopping you from adding an Ident location with a small drop rate (assuming it's a reusable location), but in that case you'd have the small drop rate in addition to the Ident'ed item (assuming it's not randomised).
  22. This should be doable (albeit not entirely straightforward) under the condition that Ident-coupling remains. If item ABC has a 100 % chance of being included and location ABC has a 50 % chance of being included, item ABC will be excluded whenever location ABC is, regardless of the item's own inclusion chance. Edit: for items excluded means the item is not randomised if it already exists in the game, or that the item is not added, if the item were to be added without being taken from somewhere. For locations, excluded means it will not be a location where random items can show up and that it wi
  23. The good news is that the crash can be fixed. The bad news is that getting the scripting to work right requires more effort that I'm willing to put into it (if there's even a reliable solution to be found). I'll be disabling the randomisation of the CON manual on original BG1.
  24. Putting random items into Safana's quest uses an invisible creature to do stuff. Something about this creature is making BG1 crash, probably because the creature is BG2 in some way. I should be able to get around this bug by creating the creature from local files instead of using a pre-generated one. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this might also have been the real reason I couldn't get mode 1 to not crash BG1 back in the day.
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