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  1. @AL|ENThat's not what desktop entries are for. To associate a file type with a program, you edit one of the mimeapps.list files, or use the desktop file to announce which types the program supports. The desktop file is for the program, not the mod archive.
  2. Can you describe your testing method? When I assign lowercase portraits to Imoen, they show up properly in the dialogue window, sidebar and record screen (BGEE 2.5.17, picking her up after the cutscene with Gorion). They are also in lowercase in the GAM file. Worth noting is perhaps that NI will always show the resrefs in uppercase, even though they are not in uppercase on disk.
  3. I'm okay if people prefer to continue distributing mods as they do now. Hopefully a unified distribution format and graphical front-end for installation has enough merit to stand on their own. But a mod mananger is a de facto requirement for Skyrim, for example, and it does not seem to be any source of unrest.
  4. Worldmap, link entries: IESDP. I can't remember how the probability works. There is the SetEncounterProbability() script action, too.
  5. Sure. It's not particularly viable for the EEs, anyway. OT, but I can't reproduce this. Lowercase portrait resrefs seem to work fine.
  6. A regexp in balthazar_compatibility.tpa is incorrect. swap_out=~IsValidForPartyDialog?u?e("Edwin")~ (? is a postfix construct.)
  7. fj_add_are_structure is the first version of the function. The name was shortened when it was added to WeiDU. OP: you might want to switch to using WeiDU's version. In addition to being supported, there has already been bugs fixed. It also comes with documentation. Vertex values are calculated by bitshifting the y-coordinate of the point into the high word (y << 16) and adding that to the x-coordinate.
  8. Oh, you mean like that. For Zeitgeist I solve this by running the WeiDU process with its working directory set to the game directory and a local process environment that has the tools directory on its PATH. That way the location of the tools is transparent to mods. I have not yet gotten around to making the corresponding change to the relevant WeiDU functions; to allow them to use system executables and optionally free the modder from needing to include the executables in the mod itself. If it's agreeable to you, I imagine you could do the same. The guarantee would then be that if a mod manage
  9. Zeitgeist keeps WeiDU in the same directory as itself, which could be anywhere the user has appropriate permissions. On account of the version-pinning thing, I am considering more complicated systems, since we'd no longer be talking about 1 WeiDU executable; rather, it would be 1 for each version in play. I propose the location of WeiDU be left as an implementation detail of the front-end, but I would suggest it's in some location that is user-wide, rather than game-wide. If there is benefit in consolidating in the future, it would be safe to do so then. There's no problem. You
  10. 2. Is this not just you basically saying it's so. I might as well say it's an IE mod, hence .iemod. It also has the advantage of being less letter salad. You seem to suggest the distinction has something to do with "source" files, but there's meaningfully no such thing. The "source" files are the mod. 5. Regarding the proposed extension for WeiDU-Linux: absolutely not. WeiDU has been weidu since the beginning (or at least, since it was lowercased by default) and changing it would break all existing scripts and tooling that relied on it. GNU/Linux conventions are overwhelmingly that exec
  11. Wisp

    New to weidu

    How far along in your learning are you? I wrote a quick introduction for getting started with WeiDU: the files and folders you'll need, the basic structure of a TP2 file, posted here. If you have yet to get this far, I'd say it's still a worthwhile read. As for using functions, for a patch function, you would open a buffer, typically with COPY_EXISTING and invoke the function. Function documentation can be found in the WeiDU readme (functions are under the macro listing). The IESDP is also a good resource for documentation of the file structures. This code changes the Wand of Fi
  12. That depends on what you mean by proficiency. Item Randomiser still relies on the BG1-style proficiencies and does not add any BG2-style proficiencies. As far as I could tell, there was no need, as the BG1 ones worked just fine. But I understand that some mods have started patching away BG1 proficiencies and I don't think I've yet updated Randomiser to take that into account.
  13. When you start the BG2 portion of your game, it is effectively the same as starting a new game, as far as IR is concerned. You should not encounter any issues at all, not even on account of your slightly different mod setup. You are correct that spawning creatures would not work. The best way to test would be to use to console to take you to one or more areas where you'd find random items. Happy gaming.
  14. Do you recall if Hindo's Doom was one of the items you picked up from Abazigal? If so, it wasn't being equipped for some reason, but at least he got a weapon into his inventory.
  15. When you say "pure" I imagine you were not prompted by Item Randomiser for whether you wanted the mod reinstalled with save compatibility or not (because the files that would make IR issue such a prompt would not be present in your game). It might still be fine, however, as Mode 1 is light on install-time randomness and stores most or all of its state in your save. If you installed the same mods, none of them were random in a way that would affect IR and installed the same options for IR, the probability of things being fine increases. I'd suggest you continue playing for as long as you don't
  16. Oh, upload the file randomiser.debug as you normally would.
  17. I forgot: can you also upload the debug file?
  18. I'm glad you had a good time. If you still have the files and have not made any changes to your mods, could you upload the files weidu.log, override/fl#randomseed.2da, override/fl#removeditems.2da and override/randoptions.2da? There's a system for ensuring Abazigal gets a random weapon and he seems to be getting no less than 2 when I test. Possibly some other mod is causing interference.
  19. You need to exclude the legacy files from version control. Tags (and github releases are tags) you create include all tracked files; they are essentially a snapshot of the project. Alternatively, do like Mike suggested and do not mind having the legacy files present in the tag, but exclude them when you create the archive you intend to distribute.
  20. Setting the value to less than 0 is the issue-free way of doing it.
  21. I can't reproduce untickable tickboxes, but I did run across a glitch with the radio buttons (affecting Windows only; the joys of cross-platform code). If you remember any more or any other issues, please feel free to report it in the WeiDU forum or on github.
  22. Hey, I have to take issue with that. Zeitgeist is not properly released, but it is today (or indeed, as of years ago) no less useful for (un)installing mods than WeiDU on the command line. It is less a matter of Zeitgeist being unfinished (it is, but that is beside the point) and much more a matter of mods being adapted for interactive installs and more or less unsuited for non-interactive installs, regardless of how they are done (Zeitgeist, command line or otherwise). Supporting all the same mods as WeiDU itself is a given and that includes mods that use READLN. However, if you install mods
  23. It's a pragmatic suggestion for WeiDU as it is used today. The main problems I see is that it's another interactive feature that depends on the shell menus. I want to work towards a future where the shell menus can be axed. However, good should not be the enemy of perfect, but that brings us to the second point: READLN today is very accessible. If you can install mods interactively, you can give READLN a value. Editing config files manually is another matter altogether, and something I think a lot of users could find intimidating or bothersome. As lynx has pointed out, there is also the proble
  24. Out of curiosity, what language are you using?
  25. As for the broader issue, I don't think it needs to be forced. If and when the player base transitions away from the mindset of interactively baby-sitting each mod as it installs, pressure will mount on modders to make the experience smoother than what READLN can offer.
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