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Interjections, oh, interjections


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If I've noticed anything about mod building, it's that it's way too easy to write interjections for almost every dialog branch. There's just so many spots that I can't help but think "hey, bob would have something to say there!" or whatever.


But, considering I'm doing interjections for a character that's not overly talkative to begin with, it makes entirely no sense to have her babbling all the time. And the last thing I want her to do is overshadow Bioware NPCs, or other mod created NPCs.


So, mod builders or mod players, anyone have any suggestions? A rough count on how much is enough (for BGII specificly- 20? 50? 100? 200? A gazillion?)? Any hard or soft rules to use when writing interjections? Any points that really annoy you when the NPC sticks their nose in- or any points that you really wish the NPC would stick her nose in about?



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No set number, I'm afraid. You could always find a mod with a number that seems good to you and emulate that. Keep in mind that you can always convey the illusion of terseness by interjecting where you like and keeping it short--just a few well-chosen words.

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Guest Shae

I don't mind most interjections, though I worry sometimes that one mod npc will overtake another/others so I'll end up missing what one person may have said. Can that happen?


One thing that really bugs me though is when an NPC takes my idea and says it before I can decide it... An example of this would be in the drow city when some of the NPCs suggest that I don't kill Solaufein (I think Jaheira says it?) when I'd like to think that it was Charnames thought in the first place to do so.


From the mods I've played, I'd say just put the interjections where ever something comes up that the NPC would feel strongly about perhaps.

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One rule I tend to use is "Will this interjection reveal something new about my character, and will it being there enhance the gaming experience?" If yes, do it. If not... I tend to not do it.


Some mods have 50 interjections throughout SoA - some over 400, as I recall. I'd agree with everyone else in that it's up to you, and how much you think that your NPC would actually speak up. Some characters are naturally more talkative.

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If the modder uses INTERJECT instead of INTERJECT_COPY_TRANS, it will prevent any other NPCs from interjecting into that state, and can even change the way the conversation is going to go. I don't like to use it for that reason. Sometimes, though, the NPC has an in-character reason for hijacking the dialogue, so I guess it needs to be used in moderation, not avoided completely.


Interjection order, or which interjection goes first, depends on mod installation order. The mod that's installed last will interject first.


As for NPCs that say what the PC might say, it's kind of like life: some people have opinions and they aren't afraid to use them. NPCs that like to dish out advice, like Jaheira (or Gavin) are probably more likely to be guilty of this, but please don't hold it against them. They're just acting in character. I really try to make sure Gavin's interjections suggest rather than command.

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To me, the more the merrier: after all, I only have to press "Continue" one more time, don't I? And if they are interesting and not predictable, it is even better: Irenicus' interjections, for one, often crack me up.


But, yeah, I can see how "action" interjections - possibly quest-breaking, and leading to battle - or interjections that require PC's reply can be annoying. However, most of scenery dialogue with PC replies is usually turned off by turning the romance/friendship off - at least, in Xan I do so.

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I'm not a mod-maker myself, but you could make the non-talkative NPC interact with the dialogues by describing his actios. That way you could make him interact with the dialogues every now and then, but not really kill his character by making him, like you said, babble too much.


Just a thought.

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It's a dangerous path to take because body language or single action words (Chuckle/smile/frown, etc) are not universally liked, are repetitive and are generally more boring to read than texts.


But there is no rule of thumb on the interjections. Everyone is very different in BG2. I try to do at least one per major area per character, something Theodur postulated when he was writing Jaheira's for bG1, simply because it keeps you remembering to write interjections and distribute them evenly.


At the very least the 'standard' interjections, a-la Tree of Life and coming to Hells should be covered. There are about 10-15 of those, I think, in SoA-ToB.

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I wouldn't like to read parenthetical actions as an interjection. To me, it would convey that my PC was watching the NPC rather than the original speaker. Sorry, but if the NPC is going to get <CHARNAME>'s attention, he or she had better speak up, even if it's just to snort disapproval or something. That could be conveyed without resorting to action text by using "Hrumf!" or something along those lines.

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There are parts where it seems that the other party members (specificly during the time between paying for help and leaving the underdark) are a little too quiet for my taste but whatever, that's just my opinion.

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I ended up in an accident and wasn't able to reply to this- but I'm good with the computer now, and I just wanted to say thanks for everyone's thoughts. That gives me a lot to work with. :)

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