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I'm making a run through BG1 + TotSC with EasyTutu and a couple of mods (full log here).


So far, I've encountered 2 bugs which may be linked to BG1 NPC. The first one is that each time I try to talk to Jaheira, before I can get to click on any topic, she makes her "leaving speech" as if I had just told her that I wanted her to leave the party. The second one is a "banter loop": as I was playing this afternoon, I got a banter between Jaheira and Imoen that I already had the day before ("What do you want to do later Imoen? ...").


PS: My BG1 NPC installed version is the one updated on May 14th.

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Guest Guest_Freelance Cynic_*
Concerning Jaheira leaving: What is your party's reputation? Sounds like a "angry leave" behaviour, from the original game, and it's triggered if click-talked (or upon kick-out), once the unhappy level is reached.
It's the starting reputation of 11. Basicaly meet Jaheira at the Friendly Arm, click-talk to her and she leaves...
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I hopped up the newest version, took the default thief character directly to the FAI, and couldn't replicate the behavior. I will have to investigate this further - I don't see what is causing it. (Why does this stuff always pop up 24 hours or less before a planned major release?;)? ;))

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Confirmed. It is a previously unknown conflict with UBforTutuv4...


with no BG1NPC PID installed, probably the "corrected dialogues component, but perhaps not...


something kicks that dialogue to the top. Jaheira can join, but when you say yes, and then click talk her, she questions your wisdom and they leave the party. They then immediately try to rejoin, and can rejoin. But then hey keep repeating this behavior over and over.



I don't know which component causes this problem.


I am going ahead with the release, but will have to look for a workaround for this in conjunction with Ascension64.




anyone got ideas?

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OK, I think I found it - BGUB does this:found it...


IF WEIGHT #5 ~InParty("Khalid")
 SAY @20091
 IF ~~ THEN DO ~ActionOverride("Khalid",ChangeAIScript("",DEFAULT))
SetDialog("_JAHEIP")~ EXIT

This is in the Minor Dialogues component....


It seems to restore something we clean out.


I hope you guys have this installed, and can confirm, as I couldn't see it on the log.


Testing now (My order was the BG1NPC followed by BGUBv4 - got to find out why my v4 of UB installes the conflicting components on top of BG1NPC and coordinate with Ascension64 on that as well...)

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Edit: irrelevant by the time I spotted it.


But I can confirm that conflicting components install just fine on my machine, too. Something is getting missed there.


Maybe it's time to start asking folks to plan their installs, and just manually skip certain components if they are presented?

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Uninstalling the Minor Dialogue Restorations component of BGUBv4forTutu fixes this.


Recommended install order still remains BG1NPC first, BGUBlatestForTutu second, but it looks like for now you have to manually refuse to install the Kagain's Caravan, Coran/Wyvern, ec, etc, and additionally the Restored Monir Dialogues component. After we release tomorrow, iwill look into whether swaping install order and being selective with components will stop this behavior.


Nothing we can do on this end; we will work with Ascension64 to see if there is a way to deal with this and allow the component to work with BG1NPC.

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Ok I'm 50/50 on this being a bug, or something from the original game that was merely converted along with it. ;)


Still a matter to consider nonetheless, when my party's reputation is at a Heroic level (17-20 I think it was?), Jaheria says something that suggests a permanent goodbye:


Perhaps it is for the best. I would rather be somewhere else, as you appear to be somewhat of a lost cause. You have some of Gorion's sense, but little of his wisdom. Come, Khalid, there are better places for us than this.


This happens when she is shifted out of the party via Reform, I'm unsure about Khalid if he's the one kicked out and therefore triggering his speech, but regardless I can't setup a meeting place in the region, which leads me to suspect they will disappear for the remainder of the game. :wub:


Kinda unbalanced if you ask me, since Jaheria after all isn't as true to her alignment as 2E would have us believe, and not to mention it kicks two for the price of one if undertaking say, Minsc's quest but having a party of 6 and only Jaheria or Khalid are the only viable options for the player to remove temporaryily.


Just a thought, to if this is indeed not a bug, a failsafe should probably be put in to prevent it from happening to a PC doing the right thing. :)

Of course if its the opposite, then I don't see why they would bother returning. ;)


This happened during the chapter after Nashkel Mines, though I'm sure that is irrelevant since its possible to happen at any stage of the game, save the prolouge of course. :D


Edit: Oh and I haven't tried removing Khalid instead of Jaheria or both at the same time yet, it could be possible to avoid such a situation that way, since he's Neutral Good and as a result, not likely to be so hissy about it. Nonetheless, it still is a worry that could do with a bit of addressing. ;)

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yep - the safest way out fthis is the happy patch. If you hit top rep, even doing what Jaheirs wants, she will do that (I agree - it is silly).


I always install one of the tweaks that makes Jaheira Neutral Good; another way is to use the Happy Patch. I think these are indeed "leaving forever situations, too, much like her hissy fit in the Romance in BG2 if you do the wrong stuff or kick her out of the party at the wrong time for NPC quest-shuffling purposes.


So, short answer = not bug as original game behavior (stupid though it is); fix is to apply another mod's changes to Jaheira's alignment to make this more logical from a roleplaying perspective. (If people really are playing with a BG1NPC-only install, we might be able to bribe a component out of one of the other mods, but it probably is better to just use the original modder's work for that anyways ;) )

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Ditto the above. Exact same problem on an install of EasyTutu with only tutufix and Tutu Tweaks installed. Errors out on attempting to install the "required modifications" part.

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