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Sneak Preview at Upcoming NPC Romance Mod


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Okay, yes I'm still trying to get Auren ToB out and yes, I am working on a new romance mod for BG2.


Sarah is a 22 year old chaotic good human female ranger who was born in Baldur's Gate and raised in the Cloakwood Forest by her uncle, also a ranger, until she left home to explore on her own. She is is somewhat shy but will speak up when she has a reason to. You can find her in Umar Hills.


Sarah will romance female human, elf, or half elf PCs of good or neutral alignment. She will also have a friendship path with those PCs who either don't fit the romance requirements or are just not interested.


When complete, Sarah will include her own flirt pack, interactions with all the Bioware NPCs, numerous interjections, and a quest of her own.


Below I have included a lovetalk as well as a banter with Mazzy. Enjoy. I don't believe a spoiler warning is necessary at this point.


The first is a lovetalk that is a few talks into the actual lovetalks themselves. Sarah and you have been friendly for a while now. It is established that we are dealing with a female PC who fits the romance requirements here.


SARAH: (Sarah has been glancing your way for the past hour now.)


1 Everything all right there, Sarah? (PRIVATE TALK)

2 Sarah, why do you keep staring at me? (PRIVATE TALK)

3 Your consistant staring is starting to get on my nerves. Don't do it anymore. GOTO (YOU ARE SELF INVOLVED) ENDS ROMANCE

4 Sarah, I would appreciate it if you didn't stare at me so. (APOLOGIES) ENDS ROMANCE/GOES TO FRIENDSHIP



SARAH : Of...of course. My apologies, .



SARAH: First of all, it hasn't been *that* consistant. Don't be so sure of yourself, . You are no god to me.





(Startled, Sarah blushes furiously and avoids your gaze.)

“ I...I'm sorry, ...it's just that um...”

“You have good...posture when you walk. Many people do not.”


“Can I talk to you in private,



1 Of course. ADMISSION

2 Actually, I'd rather you not. Let's just continue on, all right? NO KEEP GOING




“Fair enough. Let's go.”




“I admit I have been...acting a bit on the strange side lately. I cannot help but say I am growing more attached to you with each passing day.”

“I realize this may be odd to hear, coming from me. But I am comfortable enough with you now that I feel I can tell you well, anything.”

“I think you are a beautiful woman, . I have no doubt what I am feeling is surely the result of both your kindness to me as well as your seemingly innate ability to...charm a girl. A girl like me.”

”(Her eyes are darting from the ground to you, and back again.)”

“This...this is not easy for me to say, . I hope that I have not made you painfully uncomfortable.”



1 Of course not, Sarah. But I cannot say that I see you the same way. You are a friend, and I wish for us to continue like that. JUST FRIENDS

2 Not at all, Sarah. I must admit that I feel the same way about you. You are the most beautiful, intelligent, and most...most special person I've ever met. ROMANCE

3 You've gone too far with your words, Sarah. I don't appreciate the staring, the questions, and this so-called "attraction" you have towards me. I want it all to stop now. YOURE CRAZY ENDS ROMANCE AND LEAVES




(She bites her lip, looking rather hurt at first, but maintains her composure and answers without waver in her voice.)

“Of course, . I certainly value your friendship, and I intend to continue being friends with you.”

“Thank you though, for giving me the opportunity to share that with you.”





(She looks at you, beaming. Her smile seems to light up her entire being.)

“You...you really mean that? You...I...”




1 (Take Sarah's hand.) No need for words. HAND

2 (Embrace Sarah.) Yes. You and I. HUG




(She squeezes your hand and blushes again.)




(She sinks into the embrace and rests her head on you, smiling.)





“I mean...I understand, . Please...forgive the state of discomfort I have put you in. I will not disturb you any longer. Goodbye.”



The second is a banter between Sarah and Mazzy while hunting down the Shade Lord in Umar Hills. Many thanks to Noctalys, who helped me with Mazzy's replies.


SARAH: ~Mazzy, you're the most familiar with what's been going on in this...crypt. What do you know of this Shade Lord exactly?~


MAZZY ~Not much, to be truthful. All I know so far is that his minions captured my party and chose me to be his 'consort'.~


Sarah ~Consort? And do what with you? What is his plan as far as you know?~


MAZZY ~He was rather vague. I mostly had the misfortune of being manhandled by his cohorts before being thrown in that filthy cell you found me trapped in.~


Sarah ~Well, I'm grateful we have another strong swordarm to assist us. Any idea on why he would choose you to be his consort?~


MAZZY ~Possibly because I was the leader of our group. Some people assume that leaders are the ones with all the power; nothing could be farther from the truth.~


Sarah~Agreed. I have been in the area for awhile now, and I admit I have only heard rumors of what have been behind the recent disappearances. You are very lucky, miss, I must say. I could sense the monster's disgusting presence in these woods the moment I set foot in them.~


MAZZY ~As did I, Sarah. I was fortunate indeed to be rescued when I was. I now wish I knew the fates of my companions.~


Sarah ~We'll find them, Mazzy. They must be here; I doubt the Shade Lord would let them walk freely after this.~


MAZZY ~I know, Sarah. I thank you for your support.~



I hope to keep everyone updated on this. Thank you for reading. If anyone has any questions regarding Sarah, feel free to post it here.

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I lied, Sarah has a 3 song soundtrack now. I figured people might get bored hearing the same one over and over again. ???


I stuck the first one in there again so that they're all together.









Hope you all like them.


I hope to share her portrait with you all soon. She is progressing nicely and consistently.

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Magnificently(you can fit melodies to content and the mood of conversations)

Number 1 -"the nostalgia"

Number 2 - "the secret of the night"

Number 3 - "the wind of the quiet"

Third tune fell me to the taste the most.

I wait for Sarah portrait. ;)

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This melody is perfectly suitable as the background of night conversations(I am not certain spelling and syntax, my ability to English works as the reading well, and realy bad with writing and telling ;) )

When mod has the own place on the forum?

And...don't spoiler to much, teheh.

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After I found myself listening to the 3 themes repeatedly, I figured I should have the decency to let you know how much I am enjoying them, and to chip in and say that I am also anticipating this mod. I am ashamed to admit that I have not played Auren, but I plan to do so as soon as I finish my Tutu run. Anyway, back to the music - I think it's amazing and if I ever made a mod, I'd kill to have a soundtrack written by you.

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There are a few grammar errors here and there throughout the talks, but it looks good otherwise. One thing that struck me as a little odd is the fact that she is very confident about herself when she's telling Charname off ("You are no god to me.") and yet she's extremely flustered everywhere else in the dialogue. I'm aware that dealing with personal feelings like that can "change your voice" in a way, but I thought it was worth mentioning.


Either way, good luck with this! ;)

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