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Does that mean SoZ will be required to play the mod? :thumbsup: Besides the new classes, there was absolutely nothing about the expansion that made me want to spend money on it (all I keep hearing is "short, buggy, no companions"), but now if it's going to be the norm for mods to require it, I guess I'll have to break down and get it... :thumbsup:

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I am thinking that no, in all probability it won't require SoZ, unless Jason's Death System relies on something in SoZ, but we can import that.


I am playing SoZ now, it has BG1 style joinables, with a bit of a join-in dialogue. I have seen a bark-string so far from one companion in an area, and saw him have a separate reply option (kind of a poor man interjection). The beginning of the game is no different than any other game, and Overland Map is... I dunno, nothing to write home about, but nothing terrible either. :thumbsup:


I do expect though that the newer mods will require SoZ, cause people will start using the resources.

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I amanged to make my way through some of Amelyssan's convo coding, finally, but boy, am I still not close to done on that one :) And of course, I wasted my time again on counting the scarifices. I shpould just put a sticky notes on my screen: It adds up, don't worry, even if Imoen and Elhan are both killed, there is a motivation to... er go further. Sorry for the spoilers, but it took me so long between the writing and coding, that i've jast had the cold sweat fit agan retracing my own logic....

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Well, I managed to finish coding Amelyssan's encounter. I still need one script that will turn Amelyssan and her party hostile, plus I need to put in a call for the voicework, but I am glad it's done. It's another 4,000 words dialogue, only Khalid's one is longer (that one runs about 5000 words). I can only hope that I didn't went all out on the last encounter, and that it will be easier to code! Anyways, the light is getting brighter in the end of the tunnel. Must be the on-coming train, lol!

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Heya, nope! I worked on finishing up the Flirtpacks, and was going to start on DS this week, but someone lovingly put me on a new project that required my presence in the office on Wednesdays which is my day off/modding day. So, with shifting all the days off, I lost a day off this week... so, next week I should be bakc in the saddle! Hopefully.

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