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Your Favorite IWD2 Romance is.... (now that V2 is out!)



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Ah, finally, some Salomeya's loving! :fish:


You can say that again , she got her fan ! Im one of them...just love her ! I don't think she can be redeemed....at last she shouldn't be or she won't be who she is..it's like trying to make Viconia Human when she is a drow...and that bitchy side is a part of her forever...she can behave somehow..but what make you swoon and droole..is that dangerouse part...wich make her unique like anybody else is unique in it's own way...I guess...but how to win an argument with Solemya ?


I say the best bet would be this : She is a hunter for thrill right ? so just give her that rush of adrenaline and see how far she can go...I bet at a certain moment she would get scared or you will lol


As for my favorite...Queen Solemya (of course) , Peony tough I would kill to have that sort of cheereness in me...damn !

For male romance....humpff......hard to choose...the three male aren't my taste (blame Bioware for that)...they made me an addict of bitchiness....lol

But I guess if I have to choose (or die) , I go for Diriel tough it won't be a romance but more like Master-slave thing......or if I want to be mushy extreme I go for Jamael but he better get some back bone in him or I'll start some drama and yelling session lol

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Oh, good. Salomeya needs loving!



One of Salos sayings when you click on her is "You failed to notice me?" It is said with an inflection that makes me think she feels bad when she is overlooked. Is this intended or is this more of her playing with the PC?

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I am all for folks interpreting anything in the mod any way that works for them. :fish: It's intended as one of her 'I am the centre of the Universe, worship me' moments. I did attempt to give Salomeya some vunerability and insecurity, but never enough to justify the 'PC = phsycotherapist' relationship. I played with the idea, but it's just not her case.

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After my first playthrough, I voted for Rizdaer. I was planning to romance Jaemal and leave Rizdaer for the next game, but I took him along to see some conflict. I hadn't realized I'd like him this much, though. On the other hand, Jaemal was sweet and I didn't want to push him away, so I postponed the final decision for as long as I could ('till chapter 4 or 5, I think). I'm still going to play the whole Jaemal's romance, with completely different party and maybe a male character this time.

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Salomeya, no doubt, didn't even have to try the others. Damn near everything she says makes me grin like a fool, especially with the teasing and the eternal moments of doubt, very awesome work.


I just wish that, like others have said, it was possible to actually get the upper hand on her. Now that I've read that it's not really possible to give her a taste of her own medicine, I'll stop trying. >>


Next game, I'll try a female character, and then I'll vote.


Also, Domi, like everyone else has said many times before, fantastic work. Really. Let me know what other mods you finish for NWN2, and I'll reinstall that bugged and broken game to try them out. >>

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Oh, if you haven't finished NWN2, try to catch a run of it before the SoZ comes out, because I suspect it will break the OC and MotB, and restart the vicious circle of patching all over again. Gods, such a great platform, wish they did not temoer with it.


As for my mods, just keep an eye on the Deathstalker for now. That will be the first one to show up, though I am afraid that it will smack strongly of 'my first learning experience'. 'Cause it is. :)


And I am glad you liked Salomeya. You actually can laugh at her and drive her insane in a few places, I think it is a function of high wisdom(?)

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Oh no. Now I'm going to have to re-romance her with a character that's high in the other stats. S'pose I could try an evil warrior-cleric.


By the way, your mod actually puts in replay value for this game, even if you cheat the whole way through. >>


As for NWN2, I'm hoping that their next patch or expansion will actually make the game playable for me, without the script failures and hundreds of other issues (it sucks that rangers, druids, and mages can't use their pets without potentially breaking something).


I managed to trudge through the game, OC and MotB, but no matter how much I -wanted- to replay it (the gameplay was great, as was character building), I just couldn't bring myself to do it all over again when the game constantly hitches, stops responding, and otherwise breaks.


Back the original topic, though. Salomeya is EASILY my favorite character, ever. She's better than Viconia. Back in the days when I used to role-play, one of my friends played a character just like her, but I daresay that Salomeya, while only having scripted responses, is perhaps even better. I love difficult women. >>

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Diriel! Diriel Diriel Diriel. Plus his soundset's a riot, most of the battle cries make me laugh. :) Reached chapter 2 with him, expecting to see that wonderful message that he's falling for my CG Moon Elf sorceress...instead, it said that Rizdaer (who wasn't even in the party) was. I figure it must've been a typo or something. Made me laugh. :)


I also like Nikosh's mini-romance.

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Well, I don't know how far you've gotten in the Half-elf Ranger Romance, but I, for one, would definitely appreciate a Hildury romance... or, at least, a full romance between Hildury and Sir Nord. Maybe it's just me, but people complaining about no "generic" romances should probably just play BG2. There are plenty of good elf priestesses there. Me? I want some half-orc lovin'.


Edit: Or a Prachi romance. Again, this is dependent on how far you are on the new NPC, but I'm willing to guess that it would be a lot easier to add a romance to an existing character than make one up from scratch.

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Hildury has a mini-romance with a half-orc male character, and will have a romantic epilogue (so does Prachi, btw).


New character going... uhm... Nowhere, to be honest. I am working on 3 mods atm, all of them for NWN2. The first is the flirtpacks for NWN2 OC_MotB, The Deathstalker, and the Heir (which is not presented to the public yet). :thumbsup:

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