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Your Favorite IWD2 Romance is.... (now that V2 is out!)



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it was really hard to choose - all the romances for female players are great! three so different personalities...

and i didn't played male, but if i would i think i'd choose Salomeya - 'cause having her in the party was never boring, especially considering her banters with jaemal :blush:

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Without thought I never gave a try with Peony


Jaemal certainly is interesting~ But Evilness all the way! (Salomeya)


The mod is awesome. I have nothing more to ask, good, evil, and neutral all have a part for the party creation, giving certain chaotic yet soothing feel while playing through the whole thing over and over again


Just that the lagging part is a big minus... But that's probably the engine problem for modding, so you have done a great job! Please keep this updated with more characters to come~

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Well, it was hard for me to decide but at I voted for Diriel. I never romanced Jaemal and never played as a male... I like both: Rizdaer and Diriel, but Diriel is something - for an elf of course :)


And I love an action on the Tree - perfect! Diriel's mind is really something :D

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Started this mod with every intention of romancing our resident lovely angsty drow. Then Jaemal came along, with his kind demeanor and sweet words and I found myself unable to resist him. Kudos on making NPC's that actually managed to woo me away from my intended romance... :) Seriously awesome, giving IWD2 the edge it needed to land with the big ones, definitely closer to BG2!

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Glad you liked Jaemal. He is one of my favorite characters with a longer story than the mod. Though Rizdaer's appeal shows that a character concept thrown together just to be contradictory can work well, lol.

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I always play a female human sorceress, so my only romance option of this mod was Rizdaer. (Diriel won't talk to me, and 2 sorcerers in a team is too...overkill?)

I don't particularly like drow, in fact, I prefer human and secondly half-human (half-elves, half-orcs, aasimar and tiefling - easier for me to related), yet I think the author did a great job on narrating a "typical" male drow.

What I said that is because my previous acknowledge of male drows is from works such as "The Crystal Shard", "War of Spider Queen - Dissolution", Baldur's Gate and Ice Wind Dale game series. Male drow characters like Drizzt, Jarlaxle, Salufein, Malavan, Pharaun, Ryld or even clone of Malavan are all unorthodox male drow with exceptional talents or status, even Gromph Baenre is a special case. I can't get a feeling of a man which was supposed to be brought up in a highly "matriarchal and militaristic" society from those characters. They act and react just like ordinary men in OUR society…. a drow background does not that much of setback or influential to them.

But Rizdaer IS an ordinary male drow, he did not have god's favor, powerful house, wizardry talent, high intelligence or wisdom to escape his fate. He did react and think like a male who is under suppressed of a drow society; and moving to surface world did not help, he is still being manipulated and mistreated badly.

I like the part that he suspected every move of your good intention is a ruse, to the point comparing the feeling for you as "being charmed by a illithid" so that he would willing to die for you; even in a committed relationship, he still compares his current situation to his past experience from time to time. Yet I think all of these probably "normal" for a guy considering his background and nature as an ordinary male drow. I also like the part that the way Rizdaer talks to you changes from obedience to slowly have his own mind, even it shows that he is evil in nature.

I like my epilogue that I cannot really change Rizdaer , nor how other would view him. The story states that after return to Luskan, being a hero of north, my parents did not dare to go against him openly, but try to alienate the relationship behind our back. Rizdaer felt he is unwelcome and decide to leave and back to Neverwinter. To his surprised, my protagonist chose Rizdaer over her family, and Rizdaer decided he would never let her regretted this decision. However, no matter how hard the two had tried, Neverwinter still not accepted a drow and even treated his human lover so poorly - which Rizdaer especially hate Neverwinter for that. Rizdaer and my protagonist started turn to Neverwinter underworld and when and imminent war coming, the two planned that Neverwinter would lost and rule under Luskan.

I like this ending because to me it almost has the same spirit of the story about Isair and Madae. I always feel sorry for killing the twins: they maybe born evil, but not so evil a little love and caring can't fix. Things would probably be a lot better if the world just show a bit more kindness for them - after all they just try to survive. OK maybe they turn to a little too vengeful in the end, but somehow I agree what mother Egenia said:

"Both were filled with such promise, they could have built the world anew, created life in the North from ice and wind"

"Together their hands could have built beauty, a great cathedral of ice and wind, but time and place and fate were not ready for such things"

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I still counts on more characters addon one day along with banters matching existing ones! Peony is my very fav character but same time even after dual classing her to thief she cannot use thievery.... maybe I am doing something wrong but one does not simply start that journey without that cheerful sunshine lol I thinks some 3rd romancing female, more wise (a paladin perhaps?) would be great, since Salomeya is evil like and Peony so silly... anyway I love this mod, as BG trylogy fan it was sad IWD saga was robbed out from "alive" characters. Pls consider make some update with more characters one day (not too late day, tho, lol) ♥ 

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