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Your Favorite IWD2 Romance is.... (now that V2 is out!)



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I voted Jaemal (someone surprised? ;)) for females and Peony for males. Why?


Ok, so I just got to the end of my first-ever run through IWD2 with a lawful evil character, romancing Diriel...


Wow, I never thought I will say this but this guy is going to be a loving husband and a caring father but...geez, he sure is ambitious - and we all know from history what happens to such people :)


So, yeah, it was fun, now let me get back to Jaemal ;)


As for Peony...she is just adorable, the kind of woman that takes care of you, is sweet to you, never pushes you away, cheers you up...a perfect match for me (if I was born a man of course :)).


Cheers Domi, you are our hero! :D

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I went with Rizdaer for female PC and Jameal for my player PC, although both votes reflect more on the character I was playing than any personal preference ...


My last female character (Sikozu) was a neutral evil tiefling bard/dreadmistress of bane, who in all honesty made Salomeya look saintly, so Rizdaer complimented her niceley. Even if Diriel had been romancable at that time, its doubtful she would have chosen him, shes more into manipulation than genocide ...


My male character was a sweet, good natured young bard ...(If you haven't already guessed I like playing bards), so Jaemal seemed the most natural choice for him ... I haven't got the end yet though.

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I was leaning towards Jaemal for my male PC, though to be fair I loved all of them but didn't play far enough along to be forced to make a choice. Not that that's any reflection on your excellent mod, rather I just couldn't stomach any more of that awful game.

The only reason I got as far as I did (the Icy palace place) was because the mod gave me something to look forward to past the cripplingly boring 'gameplay'.

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