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I simply had to post a link to magrat's laugh out loud funny introduction of Angelo into her Eats First, Morals After fanfic. I know that she's updating this story only sporadically, but I'm hoping that changes.


Yay, she said she would and she did! This is great, can't wait to see where it goes :devil:


Also: Ive inflicted my "artwork" on SHS so I'm putting Angelo here too. Because I can ???


Ooh, thank you! I like the way he sort of appears to be chatting up Viconia :)

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He better not be chatting up Viconia ¬.¬


And the bottom half of this one too, whilst I'm blowing my own trumpet. The caption above it was "NPC #1 wants to leave the party. Why? And what will <CHARNAME>'s response be?"




:):devil: I didn't realize you'd done the same challenge! Thanks so much, this really made my day. "No I don't" is priceless, too.

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Been a long, long while since I've drawn Angelo. (Original poster is me. It feels like a long time ago, anyway. Also own a scanner now.)


Link. Gotta scroll down the page quite a bit, but that works out too, because there's a spoiler warning.


Awwwww :rolleyes:


Let's see, that makes two versions of the [event] so far; which probably is my favorite scene in the mod. I wonder, now the Xan/Angelo crossmod stuff is out there, if anyone will endeavor to put the two in the same frame...

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