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The BG1 NPC Project


It takes many people to contribute to a project as large as BG1NPC. Thanks to Jason Compton for his help in spotting where Andyr messed up with the very first alpha, and for letting us use his accelerated banter script! Big thanks also to Amok for letting us use some fantastic artwork for a few of the portraits. For invaluable help and consistent patience teaching working with WeiDU, thanks to CamDawg, the bigg, Grim Squeaker, Smoketest, devSin, and Nythrun. Thanks also to Domi, who authored and coded a large amount of content, has organized and directed the BG1NPC community for several years, and who constantly tracks down answers and bugs for you, the player. And thanks, of course, to the Infinity Engine modding community for its continued existence. The current list for this release shows the dedication of a community for many years:


Project Leads

  • Blucher : Project creator
  • Kish : Project co-creator
  • Domi : Coordinator
  • Andyr : Putting-together person
  • cmorgan : Wrapup and modernization Coordinator, traification, cross platform implementation


Project Contributors (in alphabetical order)

  • Ajnos: playtester
  • Amazing Maurice: writer
  • Amgot: playtester
  • Andrew: playtester
  • Andyr: writer, coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester, coordinator
  • Annalena: playtester
  • Arian: writer
  • Ascendency-Down: playtester
  • Ascenscion64: coder
  • Aurelius: writer
  • Baronius: coder
  • berelinde: writer, coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester
  • Big Rob: proofreader
  • Black Elk: proofreader
  • Blucher: writer, coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester, coordinator
  • BobTokyo: proofreader
  • Bookwyrme: proofreader
  • Bren: coder, proofreader
  • Caillean: playtester
  • Cam: coder
  • CamDawg: coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester
  • Catseyes: playtester
  • Chevalier: troubleshooter, playtester
  • Clary: proofreader
  • cliffette: writer, proofreader
  • cmorgan: coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester, coordinator
  • Creepin: playtester
  • Culain Mainframe: playtester
  • Cybersquirt: proofreader
  • Dan_Co9: writer
  • Deathmage: writer
  • Delvar: writer
  • Daulmakan: Proofreader
  • devSin: coder
  • DGR: proofreader
  • Domi: writer, coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester, coordinator
  • Dorotea: writer, coder
  • Echon: playtester
  • Elena: coder
  • erebusant: playtester, troubleshooter
  • Eric: coder, proofreader
  • Ginger: playtester
  • Gorilym: coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester
  • Grand Dracolich: proofreader, playtester
  • Greis: proofreader
  • Grim Squeaker: coder
  • Helseth: proofreader
  • Hendryk: writer, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester, coordinator
  • Hlidskialf: coder
  • Hoppy: playtester
  • Htn: writer
  • Icelus: coder, proofreader
  • INS-Hyacinth: proofreader
  • Insolent Worm: proofreader
  • Inuna: playtester
  • jastey: writer, coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester
  • Jinnai: writer
  • -JW-: troubleshooter, coder
  • K.Lou of Combs: proofreader
  • Kabuki: proofreader
  • Karkadinn: writer
  • Katerina: playtester
  • Katerine: proofreader
  • Kenyon: playtester
  • Keryvian: coder
  • Kiki & Mr. Kiki: writer(s)
  • Kish: writer, coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester, coordinator
  • Kitana: playtester
  • Kulyok: writer, coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester
  • Lisandro: proofreader
  • Macready: coder
  • Melisah: proofreader
  • Memnoch: proofreader
  • Merja: writer
  • Milkfed: troubleshooter, playtester
  • Miloch: coder, proofreader, troubleshooter, playtester
  • Minerva: proofreader
  • Mordenkainen: proofreader
  • Mr. Ennigma: proofreader
  • NiGHTMARE: writer, coder, troubleshooter
  • Nim: playtester
  • Nythrun: coder
  • Princeps: proofreader
  • Quana: proofreader, playtester
  • Quijana: proofreader
  • Qwinn: playtester
  • Rastor: coder
  • Reverendratbastard: proofreader
  • Riane: playtester
  • Sarah J: writer
  • ScuD: playtester, troubleshooter
  • seanas: proofreader
  • Seifer: writer
  • Sevialith: coder, proofreader
  • Sgàth: proofreader
  • Shed: proofreader
  • Sir BillyBob: coder, proofreader, troubleshooter
  • Sir-Kill: coder
  • smoketest: coder
  • Sphira: writer
  • Tancred: writer
  • TGMaestro: coder
  • Thanatos: writer
  • the bigg: coder
  • Theodur: writer
  • ThomasL: proofreader, playtester
  • Turkish Delight: writer
  • Twani: playtester
  • Unrelated Personage: proofreader
  • Vagary: proofreader
  • Volly: proofreader, playtester
  • Western Paladin: playtester, proofreader
  • Weyoun: writer
  • WizWom: coder, troubleshooter
  • Wyvern: proofreader
  • XVIII: coder
  • ycvflute: proofreader
  • Zulrik: writer
  • 10thLich: proofreader Additional Components:
  • Dorotea: NPCs can be sent to wait at an inn
  • JCompton: Accelerated Banter Script
  • SixofSpades: Expanded Sarevok Diary
  • cmorgan, berelinde: Bardic reputation Adjustment
  • Ascension64, CamDawg, devSin, Nythrun, the bigg, Miloch, Wisp, cmorgan: Deep Code. Don't Ask.
  • Zulrik: charmed dialogues


Contributors, by NPC:

  • Ajantis: jastey(romance, PID, interjections), Merja (banter, character concept), Seifer (banter, character concept, PC dialogues)
  • Alora: Kulyok(PID), NiGHTMARE (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue), Weyoun (banter)
  • Branwen: Karkadinn (character concept, banter, interjections and PC dialogue), Kulyok (PID, romance author)
  • Coran: Domi (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue, romance, quest)
  • Dynaheir: Domi (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue, romance, quest), Sarah J (character concept, banter)
  • Edwin: Domi (PC dialogue, interjections, quest), Kulyok(PID), Merja (character concept, PC dialogue, interjections, banter, quest)
  • Eldoth: Hendryk (character concept, banter, PC dialogue.)
  • Faldorn: Domi (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue), Merja (banter)
  • Garrick: Andyr (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue, quest)
  • Imoen: Blucher (character concept, interjections), Domi (interjections), Jinnai (banter, interjections and PC dialogues)
  • Jaheira: Htn (character concept, banter and PC dialogues), Domi (editor), Kish (editor), Theodur (character concept, banters, interjections, PC dialogues, quest)
  • Kagain: Delvar(early dialogue ideas), Hendryk (character concept, banter, interjections and PC dialogues)
  • Kivan: Domi (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue, quest)
  • Khalid: Arian (character concept, banter), Domi (banter), Hendryk (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue)
  • Minsc: Aurelius (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue), Delvar (early dialogue ideas)
  • Montaron: Hendryk (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue, quest)
  • Quayle: Andyr (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue), Kulyok (PID)
  • Safana: Kiki & Mr. Kiki (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue)
  • Shar-Teel: cliffette (romance), Domi (banter, interjections, romance), Kish (character concept, PC dialogue, banter), Turkish Delight (character concept, banter)
  • Skie: Amazing Maurice (banter, interjections, PC dialogues), Weyoun (banter, character concept)
  • Tiax: Andyr (interjections), Kulyok (PID), Hendryk (PC dialogue) Turkish Delight (character concept, banter, PC dialogue, interjections, quest)
  • Viconia: Andyr (interjections), Dan_Co9 (character concept, banter, PC dialogue), Kulyok (PID)
  • Xan: Domi (banters, PC dialogue, quest), Kulyok(romance, quest, PID), Sphira (character concept, banter), Thanatos (banter)
  • Xzar: Hendryk (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue, quest)
  • Yeslick: Deathmage (early dialogue ideas), Tancred (character concept, banter, interjections, PC dialogue)


Spanish translation:

  • Bhasbuto: translator
  • Bittman: translator
  • Calamity: translator
  • Chocobo_Tyrael: translator
  • Elthalas: translator
  • Elwe Alcarin: translator
  • Eresh Kigal: translator
  • Excalibur: translator
  • garciafigueres: translator
  • Ghildrean: translator
  • girfut: translator
  • Gorobei: translator
  • Hector Blanco: translator
  • Immortality: proofreader, translator, translation coordinator
  • InFlames: translator
  • jade: translator
  • JK_Eye: translator
  • Karnak: translator
  • Kronos: translator
  • L@Zar0: translator
  • Miguelan: translator
  • Perse: translator
  • Rhaenys: translator
  • rMz: translator
  • Saemon: proofreader, translator
  • Samurai_zero: proofreader, translator
  • Xanatoss: translator
  • ¿Quien si no?: translator


French translation: for support, please visit <a href="http://www.baldursgateworld.fr/lacouronne/baldurs-gate-reloaded-les-mods-tutu-et-baldurs-gate-trilogy/">La Couronne de Cuivre</a>

  • Eleima: translator (Xan)
  • Galathée: translator (Ajantis, Coran romance, Garrick, Jaheira, Khalid, Minsc, Montaron, Tiax, Female Romance Challenges)
  • Garfield: translator (Kagain, Yeslick)
  • Graoumf: translation coordinator, proofreader
  • Isaya: translator (Imoen, items, characters), translation coordinator, proofreader, packaging, translation retriever tool
  • La Voix 2 la Sagesse: translator (Dynahéir, Eldoth, Shar-Teel, Skie), proofreader
  • Lefreut: playtester, verification tool
  • Le Marquis: translator (Alora, Branwen, Faldorn, Quayle, Safana)
  • Lothringen: translator (Coran, except romance, Edwin, Kivan, Viconia, Xzar, Bardic Reputation Adjustment)


Tools Used in Creation

WinMerge GNU freeware file comparison utility, developed: Grim; Project Lead: List

Soundset Utility by Macready

BAM Workshop by Glenn Flansburg

BAM Workshop II by Andrew Bridges

DyValiTool by Dyara

Aptana IDE html/xml javascript editor. © Copyright Aptana, Inc. 2007. Portions copyright Adobe, 2007.

ConTEXT by Eden Kirin

TextPAD purchased version 5 by Helios Software Solutions

WildEdit purchased version 1.1 by Helios Software Solutions

Crimson Editor by Ingyu Kang

Dragonlance Total Conversion Editor Pro, DLTCEP by Avenger

Infinity Engine Structures Description Project, IESDP maintained by igi and Avenger

Infinity Explorer by Dmitry Jemerov

Near Infinity by Jon Olav Hauglid, FredSRichardson and devSin

Shadowkeeper by Mud-Master

Weimer Dialogue Utility WeiDU by Wes Weimer and the bigg

WeiDU ConTEXT Highlighters by Idobek, updated by cmorgan

WeiDU Crimson Editor Highlighters by cmorgan

WeiDU TextPAD Highlighters by cmorgan

Baldur's Gate Trilogy builds by Ascension64

Platform Conversion Utility by Ascension64 for initial translation work to Baldur's Gate Trilogy

Tutu by japheth, assisted by Ghreyfain, SimDing0, and Kish

EasyTutu builds of Tutu by Macready

Edited by cmorgan
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Updated the list :) if you see any misspellings of you aliases, or the credit is not there - please, let me know! I am trying to keep it up to date and I appologize in advance if I missed someone and will amend this error immediately.

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It's been quit3e a while since I've been here, sorry to be away so long but I was just wondering if you still planned on using the alternate Coran portrait that I created? I haven't played or downloaded the mod since it was finished so I wasn't sure if you were going to use it or not.



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I'm in the early stages of developing an NPC mod for BG2 (Non-Tutu). I'm planning to include several items created or edited by myself and a friend that aren't directly related to the NPC or her quests. It occurred to me, back when I first played through TUTU and got it as a present, that it'd be nice to have the amulet Imoen gives you in the TUTU NPC pack script thing available in BG2, both for sentimental and practical reasons (presumably among the "our best gear" that Irenicus and Co sold, and hence must be tracked down), and decided that if I made a mod I'd see about including it. That was several months ago...


Any objections?


Or is there already another mod that does this?


[Relevance to the thread topic: who do I ask?]

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