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Edited in active v12 alpha testers and playtesters; if you don't see your name here and contributed, please PM me a.s.a.p!


We are wrapping up v12, so check for your name before it is distributed without crediting you. Follow-up corrections for the general public will be in summer 2007 at the earliest.

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Edited top post to include new folks working on the project... please check for omissions. It's a big project, alot of folks have contributed, and it is important to recognise work given freely to the community! The continued work on the BGT side means that the distributed list will be much earlier than previously thought.

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Updated; need to remember on docs for Beta4 to make sure this list gets copied back, so that Miloch and pro5's work (as well as Gorilym and Grand Dracolich) gets correctly credited everywhere. I will check, but I think that Cam and Camdawg actually were two people, unless CamDawg as a different user name. Domi, Andyr, Icelus, CamDawg, etc, do we have confirmation on this?

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I always feel a bit guilty thinking back on how I abandoned this mod (albeit in the very capable hands of Domi, Andyr, & co.). Looking back, that was rough period of time for me (the months leading up to my mother's death) and I couldn't continue playing games, modding or anything like that. :laugh:


I'm very grateful that there were no hard feelings towards me. And I'm extremely pleased at how well you folks made this mod (far, far better than I could have managed, I know).


Grats on a wonderful mod. I love how it turned out.

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Hi there, Mr. Legend :laugh: The current good looks and great functionality of the mod is definetly thanks to the new generation of the Gate Keepers! And I, in turn, am pretty sure that they did a far better job that I could have managed, with all the new WeiDU stuff and cross-platforming!

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When translation tests out, we need to add;



Immortality, Excalibur, Saemon, InFlames, JK_Eye, Karnak, Eresh Kigal, Hector Blanco, jade, garciafigueres, rMz, L@Zar0, Miguelan, Elwe Alcarin, Xanatoss, girfut, Chocobo_Tyrael, Bittman, Calamity, Rhaenys, Elthalas, ¿Quien si no?, Bhasbuto, Ghildrean, Gorobei, Samurai_zero, Perse, Kronos.


Proofreaders: Greis, Memnoch, Lisandro, DGR, Immortality, Mordenkainen, Minerva, Saemon, Samurai_zero.


a link to www.clandlan.net for translation and support

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