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This is the COMPLETED portion:


Makes Kivan a joinable character (Archer kit) - he has 2 to 7 banters with all BioWARE NPCs, and 2 sequences with Deheriana if she is ressurected - one before her revival and another afterwards. His banters with PC are ajusted banters from BG1NPC mod (they are crusial for the character development, so I had to include them) for now plus a couple of new ones if he is "romanceable".


Kivan’s subplots:


1) Aphril, the woman who looks through the Planes in the Spellhold will reveal to:

a. Romantically interested PC - Deheriana is permanently dead, so it opens a door to a warmer-than-friendship talks with PC.


b. Romantically uninterested PC - regards from Deheriana to Kivan, but to rejoin her Kivan has to die in an elven community with proper rituals etc.


2) Romantically uninterested PC:


PC can now barter with Denim - the priestess in Suldanessellar - and she will either:


a) send Kivan to Arvanaith


b ) resurrect Deheriana;

i. Deheriana will either stay in Suldanessellar

ii. Will join the party (Deheriana is triple-class mage-cleric-fighter). Beware: their relationships will be more than difficult - elves do not take easy to resurrecting. Deheriana will eventually expire from longing for Arvanaith or will be revived (if you have Aerie, Cernd in the party or your PC is a healer-class)- with a huge amount of XP added to bring her up to the current party level.


There is a bit of wrap up for Kivan and Dehriana when you talk to Ellesime at the very end of the game as well. :)





Makes Tazok a joinable character


Adds the expansion of Kivan-Tazok Quest in ToB



ONE HELL OF AN ADD ON (I feel immortal)


Shilmista's Tale and Quest.


Adds 5 areas in Shilmista Area: One part of Carradoon (did not decide which one yet), Cadderly’s Cathedral and three Shilmista related areas (forest and Snowflakes Mountains)


A bunch of smaller quests in the area and a main quest - conspiracy against Elbereth in Shilmista.


Adds the following NPCs (all available only in the new areas, unless I get a bunch of people to write banter packs):


Shayleigh (lawful-good elven fighter/thief), unless we find her official D&D stats

Ivan (lawful-good dwarven fighter)

Asha (lawful-neutral, human monk)

Tintagel (chaotic-neutral elven wild mage), unless we find his official D&D stats

Pikel (true-neutral, dwarven fighter-druid)

Branwen, (true-neutral human cleric of Tempus)

Minuwiel (neutral-evil elven assassin)

Iladel (lawful-evil elven sorcerer)

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It would be intersting (at least for me) to see Kivan having to make a choise betwin resurecting his wife and betwin staying with charname (if he has a romance with pc). I bett it would a very hard thing for him. It olso would be intersting if charname would left the choise only to Kivan and would let him go by her own will (if you love someone, you olso let him go, if only to see him free of his pain)

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Kivan will not romance PC if Deheriana is in Arvanaith, ie if PC was not very insistent in the first sequence of talks in her romantic pursuit of Kivan. I do not think it is a hard thing for him - if Deheriana is alive (and if she is in Arvanaith she is :) ) - he needs or wants no other woman.


Yes, you will have the option of letting him go, instead of ressurecting Deheriana - this is the PC controled choice. Throughout the mod PC has an option to release him from his/her service and he will leave for Shilmista. :)


In the finale of the mod, Kivan will make his final choice once PC is ressurected by Ellesime - and this time it will not be controled by the PC.

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Not to rush you or to be a bastard or anything...but I was wondering if you have any idea when the next version will be released? Some bugs needs squishing, methinks. On a less bitchy note, I really like this Mod and I encourage you to keep it up. :cry: Not to mention I have to thank you for helping me with advice. :D

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It's alive! My collegue from BG1NPC, Hendryk, joined the project and we have decided to go for Shilmista Chapter in ToB. Lot's of things to do, and BG1NPC needs a lot of work as well, but as soon as we have anything completed we'd let it known :)

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Well, I have written 4 more Kivan-Edwin banters, which will hopefully pass my Edwin consultant scruteny :) Then I will only need to add a few more to Jaheira to fully finish the BioWARE's banter set for SoA. :)

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