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Sand romance?

Guest Ant

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AFAIK, the Sand romance will be released as a part of the romance pack. It's in the forum, isn't it? :)


Yeah,as I said,I am getting senile and confused....but the "will conflict with other mods" got me :hm:


Just making sure :undecided:

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The other romance mods SandFangirl was referring to is probably the Bishop Companion Mod for MotB.***


The Bishop Companion Mod is a Russian mod that has been translated into English. It allows the PC to rescue Bishop from the Wall and enables him to travel with the party for the rest of MotB. It is completely incompatible with the NWN2 OC Romance Pack.


*** For some strange reason, I kept trying to type "the Bishop Companion Mod for BG2"! I know that somebody or other is working on one, just don't remember who. (And it isn't me. I like Bishop very much, but I know I can't write for him.)


And this part is important


Only Sand flirts will be included in the Romance Pack version 4. I do plan to do a full romance for him, but I will not begin it until Domi has finished up with Neeshka and I have cleared some of my BG2 commitments. And I can't work on it in summer. That office is just too brutally hot.

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Maybe I risk being too naive,but I'm ready to bet that the huge amount and quality of flirts should keep our favourite elven mage fans very well entertained for a long time (or hopefully enough to let Domi finish Neeshka romance) :undecided:


Thanks a lot for clarifying the issues about other mods! :)


(ppssttt.....you're too obsessed with BGII,clearly it's time to take a break from it and resume writing on,say,another project *very subtle hint* joking,best of luck with the other projects,never give up :hm: )

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Heh. BG2 players say the same thing about NWN2, oddly enough. They had to wait over a year for anything BG2-related at all because I was playing in NWN2 land. :undecided:


BG2 is fun to mod, so I doubt I'll be giving it up entirely, no matter how much I like Sand. No toolset headaches, every WeiDU mod is compatible with nearly every other WeiDU mod, everything plays nice. Not so much in NWN2.

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I thought the Neeshka romance was done already. I know my hubby played with the mod and had her as his wall scene. She was so interactive afterwards it was really the best out of the romances. The Sand flirt pack was beta'd by a friend of mine who said it was awesome...I want to play it SO bad! I just love him so much!

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No, we have Neeshka's flirt-pack and wall-scene incorporated. What I am working on is the full romance, i.e. added dialogues with her throughout the game, the same way it's done for Bishop and Casavir, and will eventually be done for Sand.

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No, we have Neeshka's flirt-pack and wall-scene incorporated. What I am working on is the full romance, i.e. added dialogues with her throughout the game, the same way it's done for Bishop and Casavir, and will eventually be done for Sand.



OOMMGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME APPLE PWN SAUSE! So... does that mean sand will have a confenssion, a wall scene, and commenting flirts like in the NWN2 and MotB Romance packs?!?! :O!! :blush::laugh: :laugh: :p:( :( :p :p :love:


If that were, that'd be OVERLY THE TOP AWWEESOOMEEE!!!


Well, all stuff aside, time, problems, etc....


When is it possible to release his FULL romance? Valentine's Day? (OOO,the Irony.....) March? July? December 2011..?


Heck, just give a very rough estimate... BG2 projects, and Unfortunate events thrown in there to make one's heart go up and down a roller coaster added in...! ;n;

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Valentine's THIS year? Certainly not. I'm working now, and my job leaves me too tired to do more than come home and pass out immediately. Hopefully, I'll reach the point where I can stay awake for a few hours after work, but we aren't ther yet. I'm still modding on weekends, so it will get done. I just don't want to excite expectations that can never be realized. There are three mods ahead of it in the cue, all for BG2. And before you ask, the players of two of them also think I should neglect all other projects to finish their favorite first.

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Guest shutupsara

I'm a game design student, and I'm interested in making a Sand mod (or any, really) and know how to use the toolset, but what I lack is proper voice acting :blush: If anyone knows/is a good Sand-like person, I'd appreciate their/your skills :laugh: I wouldn't have the same enthusiasm for a mod if I didn't have VO. My email address is sarschir@uat.edu

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Guest Nightwoe
I am curious to see what berelinde will come up with. I hope she develops Sand in the vein he was presented in Act I, rather than the wind-bag he became (in my opinion) in Act II when he joined the party, that killed my liking for the character. My deepest heart desire is that Berelinde changes the Trial so Sand actually WINS it if he is in love with the PC on the strength of his rethorics, instead of being so pathetically inefficient when left to his own devices as a lawer. It shouldn't be too tough, since that branch is probably separate and short. I want a rocking speech that shakes Neverwinter and makes them weep and applaud... :blush:


Ladies and gentleman, I have a penchant for jokes, but I am afraid you will have to find your entertainment elswhere tonight. Maybe the notorious Miss Torio will oblige.


Not I.


I am here to speak of the accused. Is she an innocent lamb? By all gods, NO! Look into her eyes, and you will know on an instant that she is capable of killing, that she has killed and that she will kill again.


But not without rhyme or reason.


//branch out on the different alignments and classes....///


I dunno, just want to see Sand triumph there in Court not be as impotent as he is in the original....


hmm...you really have me thinking...I am also a Sand enthusiest, and I also agree that while Casavir is adorable at times, he is drull and boring. (Old man syndrome?) Bishop is okay, but the flirt pack ruined him (in my opinion). ANYWAY, I think I could do this, I'm just afraid I might not be witty enough to keep the dialogue true to the character.

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It's going to be impossible to please everyone. I realize this. I've tried to keep it fun and flirty rather than judgmental, so I'm guessing that it's going to be closer to his Act I behavior than not.


As for the courtoorm, I will do something with this, when the time comes to develop the actual romance, and not just the flirtpack. It took me a solid week to make Casavir's courtroom appearance work, but most of that was figuring out how to get him in the courtroom itself.


When writing for the OC, it is absolutely impossible to keep the dialogue "true to character" for every player's perception of the character. Yes, I know, if you're a Sand enthusiast, you know how he sounds and you know what he's like. You also know all of his likes and dislikes and are an expert on his behavior. Unfortunately, this will not coincide with anyone else's perception of the character.


My alpha-testers did not find the flirt pack out of character for him. I guess that's something. :blush:

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So, its been awhile since I checked in here to say hi and see whats up...any more news on releasing the Sand flirt pack? Im just dying for some interaction with my beloved elfy.

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